Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bye my oldest, dearest friend

It is funny that this happened in the week that I started closing the Georgie store down, Georgie himself died last night.  I kind of had a sinking feeling it was coming - the last few nights he has really been trying to sleep next to me on the floor, he has been withdrawing otherwise from the family.  He was sitting outside in the sun for a few days being very low key, and yesterday morning I kept him with me in the warm as our other dog Suki went out to play and he just didn't move for hours.  Stayed completely still. 

He was outside by himself in the cold last night (very unusual) and I went outside to bring him in and laid him out on a wool rug in front of the fire.  He was drooling, which is not something he ever did.  I knew that time would be short from that point - I didn't think it would necessarily be that evening, but I laid down with him and gave him a big pat and scratch and told him that he had been my only family for so long, that if he needed to go, he could as things were different now, that we had come so far and look at where we were.  Kitty came in and curled up with him and I went in to the kitchen and Adam and I subconsciously or otherwise talked about George all night, we talked about all the funny George stories that we remembered.  And how he was the most beautiful dog for our girls to know growing up to never have a fear of dogs.  How patient he was with us and them, he let both girls ride him like a pony and dress him in beads, tiaras and hats.  We started getting read for bed and Adam called me out - Georgie had gone, eyes open but completely peaceful and warm in front of the fire.  We wrapped him up in the wool blanket and put him in the shed to find a place to bury him later today.  

When Ruby woke up this morning, the first thing she came in and asked was "Where is George?", a question that has never come from her before.  She maybe she knew too.

I haven't slept much for tears, but I know he was old and tired and had said goodbye to me in his own way, and I got to say goodbye and thank you too. It was his time, not that I would have ever been ready to say goodbye to my best and loveliest friend.  

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hello Blogland,
I am writing to tell you with both sadness and relief that after 7 and a half years, I am going to be closing down Georgie Love in the next 4-6 weeks (hopefully to tie things up at the end of the financial year). I have been contemplating this decision for probably the last 2 or so years, but gave myself 12 months at the end of the last tax year to see if I felt differently. I don't.
Obviously my life has changed in ways I couldn't expect over the past 7.5 years - I had 2 children, moved to a small country town, and started full time work again at a place I love. I also didn't anticipate how much the handmade market would change - I was ecstatic to see it take off, be embraced by mainstram culture and absolutely bloom, but have also been extremely discouraged by how many people joined the market to make for profit instead of a love of craft/making. I feel like a bit of a fraud selling in a climate that I have become quite cynical about.
So yes, finally I am at a place where I am sad to leave something I have invested so much time and myself in, but relieved to be closing down and focusing 100% on where my life is at now (but still very much an advocate and supporter of handmade!).
I wanted to thank YOU so very much for helping me make Georgie Love what it is/was over the past 7 years, I am grateful for all the support, encouragement and friendship shown to me over this time.
FINALLY - to clear out stock and make my job far easier in a months time, I am letting everyone know of the code FINAL which will take 40% off everything in store.
Thanks again and may we keep in touch over our new adventures!  I am not sure if I will be back and blogging and in what form, but one of my mottos is definitely never say never.  :-)
Sal & Georgie

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seriously, nothing to say.

Oh this hot weather is KILLING ME (note: slight exaggeration).  I have been reduced to this sweaty puddle of lady.  I know you people who are experiencing the 44+ degree temps, might tell me to GO GET STUFFED with the 35 we will be experiencing today, but the Summer average for Armidale is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT 28 with daily afternoon storms to cool it down to enable sleep.  Which is nice and managable, BUT WE HAVE NOT SEEN AT ALL THIS YEAR.

Anyway, we used to live in a bushfire area in te Dandenong Ranges and it's not quite the same risk here, so I feel for anyone who is in a danger area, it's horribly scary.  I hope you are ok, and are seated somewhere nice and quiet, with a nice breeze and a long island iced tea.  (JUST LIKE I AM, I am not in my pjs, with toothpaste all over my face and neck because an 18 month old insisted on brushing my teeth, and waiting in anticpation the change of a poo nappy within the next few minutes).

Other than maintaining my fancy lifestyle, I am just lazing around, it's too hot to do anything (the hottest time of the day here is like from 3-7pm, so EVENING EXERCISE AND CHILDREN SLEEPING is impossible), planning a trip to the pool today and wondering what madness I agreed to with a winery lunch with others tomorrow.  I am having an internal freak out already as Rubes is due to start school in 2014, which just seems ridiculous and I am panicking about picking the right school (we are zoned for the worst school in the area, so I am trying to work some magic and get her into somewhere else).

Have I ever mentioned that I may infact be a highly strung individual?  No?  Ok.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

A serious little side thought.

I sometimes read MamaMia.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't (I think I am possibly more of a Jezebel lady, who I know oft influences some of the MM posts), but they recently featured this video.

Which is awesome and sad and thought provoking (worth a watch).  I have this poster on my desk at work from Roald Dahl's book The Twits:

And it's TRUE, and it's something I think about a lot.  I think I have written before that I come from a hyper-critical parent who never had a nice thing to say about anyone, and it's a hard habit and mould to break.  But I have also over the years had the realisation that the ugliness of such a personality - a person who is compelled to say nasty things about other people and put them down, is just reflecting the pain, dissatisfaction and disappointment that colours their own existence.

And it is a choice not to be like that.

Friday, January 04, 2013

2012... it was the year that was the year of stuff

I am not a big resolution maker.

But I have been thinking a lot about the end of last year in this now new year, like I said before, everyone I know had a pretty trying 2012, and there is a lot of hope for the new year.  Hope is nice.  I have been instead gathering in my head all the stuff from this year that is significant or otherwise.


We added to the family with another dog!  This is Suki with Georgie, she is a German Shepherd/Husky cross (this photo entitled George's mini-me was taken in JUNE, Suki is now small pony size, possibly double the size of George who is a big dog).  She is big and soft-hairy and we were given her when she was 6 weeks old.

We have been lucky with all our animals, she has a lovely nature, is gentle with kids and happy to chill with the other animals.  It's also weird having an obedient dog who comes when called.

Last year I changed my idea of what a friend looks like.  So we moved to a new place (Armidale, NSW with a population of about 27,000) at the end of 2011, so it has been our first year in our new home.  I was desperately lonely for adult company and I would jump on DrMr when he got home and grilled him about all aspects of his day.  I would strike up conversations with random drunk, crazy people in line with the post office.  Small towns are famous for being a bit cliquey with newcomers and Armidale is no different.  But... I made new friends, I swallowed my pride, put myself out there and pulled people into my circle who I wouldn't have necessarily connected with before - and I would have missed out on that in Melbourne.  GOSH, LOOK AT THIS NEWFOUND MATURITY.

I grew my hair long.  Which is weird as I have always been a short haired lady.  I also discovered that my hair at the roots is so silvery grey now, that I look like a freaking tinsely Christmas ornament.

I lost my fear of bugs, spiders, snakes.  Except for these crazy pink moths who seem to mate once a year and absolutely covered our windows one night, it was this horrendous cannibal sexing bug orgy.  DISGUSTING.

I found a job that I finally REALLY like.  I wake up in the morning and am happy to go to work.  Gosh it makes a big difference, doesn't it?

I sort of fell into a community.  I am and have always been a city girl.  I RELISH anonymity which does not happen in a small town.  In the city, I would feel uncomfortable in a cafe if they knew how I liked my coffee.  BUT HERE, if I go to the supermarket and don't see 4 people I know, it's EXTREMELY ODD.... and, and... I kind of like it.  Just a little bit.  But people in this town can not drive and I do want to punch them all in the face when they do not know how to behave when they find themselves AT A ROUNDABOUT.

We thought we would have a third baby and then we all got gastro and thought again about not having a third baby.

I had a baby that turned 1 (but this pic is just from a few days ago!)

And a big girl turn 4.

So for 2013, I kind of just want to find some quiet in my head, which can be a noisy place at times.  I want to start feeling more settled here, relax more and nourish all my relationships.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hello World

Happy New Year Blogland!

Man.  I needed a blog break.  I have been feeling very jaded with the world of blogging.  Apart from Georgie Love (ARGH 7 years) I have been blogging for very much well over 12 years and it has changed a lot.  And I have obviously changed a lot, as has my life.  But in the past 2 years, blogging HAS. CHANGED.  and I was super uncomfortable about it, so decided to put it aside some what and concentrate on the real world happenings and see how I felt.  However, clearly it is a New Year and I LIKE blogging, and I have had so many things I have wanted to talk about, but I would sit down, read all these sponsored blogs and arguments and trolls and nastiness, that I just would sit down and exhale and all the words would escape me like a balloon.  So I would close the laptop, play with the kids, have a nap or read something else instead.

But, I reiterate, it is a new year and I have to put the things that are flittering around my brain somewhere.  Life has changed, and people have changed and the whole online community has changed and for better or worse, I don't think I have.  There are certainly things I would like to change about my life for 2013, but I am essentially - the same.  Keep on keeping on.

2012 overall from what I read of my friends (and me), was a shit year.  Or a tough year.  For me - it was an odd year, the word I feel right now is UNCOMFORTABLE, a lot of uncomfortable change required, or uncomfortable realisations.  I went from being a frustrated stay-at-home parent, to a part-time working parent to feeling a very content full time working parent.  I found a job that I REALLY enjoy and makes me happy, and I made a new network in Armidale, some new friends and finding my feet (sort of) in a new town, and trying to get over the guilt that comes with being a working parent.  You know what, the kids are ok.  The kids are better than ok.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

thank you haters!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I got this from Facebook, but I can't remember who - if it was YOU I am sorry that I can't give you credit, but thank you.  It's fabulous.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hey, what's your name

I have two email accounts - one for Georgie Love and one personal gmail, well one really I guess, because they both go to my gmail account.  Now my gmail account is a very generic first name last name letter combo and as a result, I get wrong emails meant for other people ALL THE TIME.  Seriously several times a week.  I have thought about starting another blog for all the weird random photos I get.

These just came in a few minutes ago.  They look happy.  My favorites that came in though which I wish I kept were of someone's wall.  I am not sure what it all meant.  I usually just delete them, but maybe I need to CATALOGUE and start making up names and stories for them.  For example, Grandma Delilah on the end here just murdered her husband (poison).  Everyone is very happy because he was a bastard, but super wealthy and now they are all going to take a year long cruise on the QE2.  Cheers.

One thing I did wonder about is the fact that the three younger ladies seem to be wearing pearls.  Weird.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


So. Hello there, how are things with you?   I am officially in the realm of being a true and verified card-holding WORKING MAMA.  And good lord am I freaking exhausted.  But happy.  I really love working and I definitely missed it.  I feel more “myself” and like it was maybe the missing piece to moving to Armidale.  Of course, I have always been working on Georgie Love, but that doesn’t quite feel the same.  I get to talk to ADULTS and they TALK BACK TO ME and I am ENTRUSTED WITH TASKS. 

But good lord the MOTHERGUILT.  I am keeping a close watch on how the kids are coping with the change.  Ruby absolutely adores her Montessori Preschool and I have nothing to worry about there, she is thriving in Armidale – she loves school and her ballet and swimming classes.  She has a few close friends and is the happiest and most confident that I have seen her.  Lola being my gregarious baby is happy and settling in well at her daycare.  I am making a concerted effort that when I am with the girls that I am solely focused on them – I don’t spend much time CLEANING, or in my office or on my computer or phone, I try and plan things they will love, playing games at home, lots of time running around outside while the weather is still ok.  They are really responding to this positively, and it’s dawning on me that that quality time is far more important than the slightly distracted quantity time.  We all cherish it and love that special time together.  I think it’s making me a better parent.

But you see, I am a control freak.  I am one of those people who can’t relax while there are still things to be done.  This has been my biggest challenge, LETTING THINGS GO.  My kids are well fed, happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter if the couch is full of clean washing ready to be put away (it won’t be – the couch is in front of the fireplace where we have all naturally gravitated it’s a warm place in the morning), or if there are toys that are living in odd places and that the towels and sheets are overdue a wash.  Cleaning is no longer pre-emptive.  It’s a constant catch up, and I am trying to be ok with it. 

So there is a lot going on, and with the Rube’s preschool committee that I volunteer on, I quite seriously get barely a minute a day to myself, which is the tiring part.  I feel little stretched thin and the three week cold I have been enjoying is indicative of that.  Is this what you have to sacrifice as a working mama?

Other news
Kitty is continuing her killing campaign.  Clearly we were not appreciative enough  of the dead creatures in the house/on the doorstep as she has started leaving just delicately placed and neatly organised sweetmeats by the door.  Liver, pancreas, intestines.  Delicious.  It’s lovely that she is so appreciative of us all and her happier life with us, but I mean.  I can do without the death.  Meanwhile, it’s a good anatomy lesson for the 3.5 year old.

The goats are also on a kind of terror campaign also.  We have Shetland ponies who live next door and the goaties think that they are a part of the same herd, so they are constantly sneaking through the fence to hang out.  They got into the neighbour’s HOUSE the other day and ate all their houseplants and pooped everywhere.  Now if that was me, I would have gone FREAKING MENTAL, but they kind of laughed as they told us a number of days later.  RELAXED PEOPLE.  Hopefully it will rub off on ME.

Georgie is a happy, content older dog who is enjoying retirement!  He loves a wander around the property with kitty, chasing kangaroos and sleeps in front of the fireplace.

DrMr grew up with German Shepherds and loves them and somewhat naively I said that we could get one in the future.  Our ace electrician’s Shepherd has just had puppies and is giving us one.  Just what I need MORE BABY ANIMALS.  He is insisting on chickens next (we just need to work out how to manage kitty and chickens) and then miniature pigs.  I mean.  Sheesh.  WHERE WILL IT END.