Thursday, June 22, 2006

I should be writing an article on the beautiful Emma Grace, however I am stuck with the monotony here of day-job. I am thinking of being lazy and posting it as a question and answer session, but I would prefer to wrap words around it all. I am very happy with how the photos turned out and I hope she will too. Coming soon! And yes, it's late. :-D

In other news, people ask me where I got my light box (it's cheap and very reliable) and the answer is from this guy on ebay. I think he makes them all by hand in Mornington and then posts them. They are only listed when he has one ready, so they are not available all the time. If you want one, check back.

There is only one male crafter on Georgie Love (the lovely Chris Wright, who make toys and the delicious butterbeads). It's terribly disproportionate. If you know any crafty-as-a-fox males, please send them Georgie Love's way.

I am cranky and cold today. Cranky. And. Cold. I think one is lending to the other.