Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Blues

I slept badly last night, amd I am not completely sure why. I was in a strange mood yesterday afternoon so my boyfriend and I took a long drive in the dark through the dandenong ranges to a beautiful, hidden pub with open fireplaces, amazing food and MULLED WINE. I am allergic to red wine (as well as coffee, weirdly enough, but that doesn't stop me either - I LOVE coffee), however I indulged in the wine and PAID THE PRICE. A very restless nights sleep, leading to overall crankiness today.

George woke up at 6am all fresh faced and stretched and indicated that I was a lazy, undermotivated b*tch (George has a terrible potty mouth, please excuse him) and I should be more enthusiastic about taking him for a walk.

The last postcard run was amazingly successful and I am needing to do another very soon - I had 2000 Georgie Love postcards and I have only a few left! I need more printed. I have some new ones being prepared by a somewhat fabulous street artist named smuzer, and I can not WAIT to see what he comes up with... Georgie Love's Gemma Noble is thinking of doing something exciting, crazy, original and embroided (!!) and I might very nicely ask the lovely Amy Alexander for a design as well.

Apart from that and my general whingy mood, there have been Georgie updates! Yay! Welcome to the lovely
Anne from LUcÉ who makes beautiful, one-off scarves! Check them out, they are quite delicious.