Saturday, July 29, 2006

the clap point point clap point point point and shrug

How to Dance like a White Guy

Saturday night

It is Saturday night and I have dedicated myself to working (oh, and waiting for the distraction of either the lovely Gembo to come home or my delicious boyfriend to check his email or call), I am catching up (it feels very slowly) on all the backlog of Georgie Love work that needs to be done, I made a list and am yet to cross off one thing. I am close to crossing off maybe 5, things are half done, but I have closure on NOTHING. I spent the day with the loveliest Deb Ferguson for breakfast, shopping and the planning of nice things for those we love. Deb will be my new housemate, when I move to North Melbourne in a few weeks. Having some more space for the growth of Georgie Love will be delightful, but the fat dog and I will very much miss Gem and living in this kooky and lovable house.

These cute hair pins from Anika at Sneak are about to go online in the next 24 hours! (no really, I promise!). This picture serves no purpose other than to say - I am tired and not wearing any make up and my head says 'hi' to you all.

It is raining and I am listening to Sufjan Stevens (illinois). I am cold and hungry! I need to find some food. I just got a notification that where I should be right now is the Spanish Club with a jug of Sangria followed by an exhibition opening, so for now, it is bye.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


While I have exactly 100,000,005 things to do for Georgie Love, I have instead been wrapped on the couch watching DVDs of 21 Jump Street as I have been sick with a horrible headcoldy thing. Crap! Starting to feel better, but am oh-so-tired still. I have the aim to do a few things today (I have some adorable stuff to photograph and publish, damn it!) and then take it easy... One thing I am ridiculously excited about is the new series of Georgie Postcards about to come out. There are three different artists who have contributed - the ridiculously fabulous Amy Alexander, a recently located to Melbourne talented street artist by the Smuzer and a comic-book-stencil-styling from a hot young couple going under the name of siamese chimp... Oh yes, I am excited.

I am thinking of reshooting the above badges on a plain white background, rather than the yellow card they come on... I don't think it displays them to their best advantage... Meanwhile, a big georgie love welcome to Sneak Design and their cute, cute, cute little things! I have only put the barest minimum on the site so far, due to the enforced couch time I experienced this week... stay tuned, uh huh!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I have a literal ton of cute new things to photograph and publish! They will all be on Georgie Love very, very soon (I am hoping to have it all done by weekends end!).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beck Wheeler Exhibition

do you wanna see some stuffed stuff?.....Beck Wheeler's new exhibition opened today (18th July 2006) in the Craft Victoria window space.

The show is called the toys shop sale and runs till the 1st of August.

Letter to Customers

Dear Georgie Love customers,

Please note - I do take extra care in making sure your order is completely free of Georgie hair. I meticulously pick out bits from envelopes, sellotape, you really have no idea. If you get an order with George hair in it - I apologise. See photo for my working conditions. This will change in the next few months when I find a HOUSE with an OFFICE in it and no longer will I be packing orders on the coffee table or the floor.

Look at it this way - each Georgie hair you find is a wish to blow to the wind to make all your dreams come true (mainly involving leftover street kebabs and chasing birds).


(ps: Check out Emilie Clare. Not only is she lovely, the story of her work is beautiful and her stuff unique!)

Monday, July 17, 2006


As my friend Deb discovered the other night, while I am too clutzy to make things myself (it's quite true), I can come up with ideas of 1001 things to make. Anyway, I LOVE the range of stamps that Impress has, but not a single thing to do with them. If I bought a range of stamps, all I would be doing is stamping all the Georgie Love order invoices and packages. They would look pretty but be completely impractical!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Puppy vs. Cat

This made me laugh more than is possibly:
1) legal
2) feasible

I think the main thing is that I want to live in a house with 6 puppies.

Late one Sunday evening

Ok, an update has been absent for a few days (life creeps in), but I have some very exciting things that you need to look for over the next few days, including:

1. Armies (a cross between mittens and arm warmers! Made from recycled woollen jumpers in one-of-a-kind pairs, you will LOVE them! For girlies and boyses! They come in stripes! Plain! With or without buttons!) I have 13 different pairs currently sprawled across my coffee table, ready to be photographed tomorrow.

(ps: it's a sad but true fact that I own at least one of everything sold on the site! Armlets modelled are infact my own!)

2. The cutest necklaces for foodies! You will very, very soon see what I mean!

3. More fantastic bags from one of my and George's best friends - Deb Ferguson, these new vegan-friendly bags (made from car upholstery vinyl and recycled kimonos) are beautiful, hard wearing, practical and lovely all at once! Magic!

I am sure there is more that I am possibly forgetting... or maybe there is just more on the cards... hmmmm)

I am more tired than you can imagine and ok, I probably should be getting my groove on the dancefloor right now (yes! I know it's a Sunday night!) but I came home early to work and sleep, and alas I shall.....

night night, you. x

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New things on Georgie Love

Well, there have been updates on Georgie Love that I haven't blogged about yet. I think I did mention the fabulous Betty Jo Designs and her ridiculously cute woodland creatures. I have an owl who is now living on my jacket, but the babushka dolls are pretty awesome and there may be an order from me soon too!

There was a snippet about Betty Jo and her Owls in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning;
Who's idea?

Fashion is having a barnyard moment, with an influx of owl-themed jewellery flooding our shops. Tatty Devine has put out a chunky, wooden owl pendant; Mimco designer Amanda Briskin, who put out a gold owl pendant this year, will launch another one next month; and Melbourne jeweller Liz Jones has crafted owl badges from "retro lino" and buttons. Jones, who launched label Betty Jo Designs earlier this year, opted for the sage bird because of its "quirky storybook feel". Her pendants are available at Orson & Blake and

Patsy has a few new things on the site -
Love Bird Hoodies, Canvases and the cute Hanging Beads Tee.

I sent an email out to all the newsletter subscribers but it all seems to have gone haywire. Trying to work that one out...

Dinner last night ended up being decadent vegetarian pizza on the couch and lemonade from a wine glass and an early night. Just what the doctor ordered... ;-)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Oh I want this light garlandy thing. No shipping on this item outside of the US! Damn it! The shop, day-lab seems like a bit of a find, it stocks some of my favourite etsy stores. I have seen 20 things I want to buy already. I have this antler girl on a little badge and now it's in T-SHIRT form. I love it, but ALAS it's SOLD OUT.

I did end up buying some of these gorgeous fairy tale cards, for no other reason than the plan to use them to decorate some space in the future...

Apart from that I am SO unmotivated here in the corporate office. It's one of those days where I don't think I could work slower if I tried. I am also having a bad hair day, a bad outfit day and a sore leg from tripping over a little bit in unpractical shoes yesterday. I blame the full moon and mercury retrogradeness. (secretly, between you and me, I think I woke up a little bit hung over too, which probably didn't help any of the above)

All today's angst and boredom will easily be resolved with the forthcoming HOME TIME and a proposed dinner out with my man. Yum!

Monday, July 10, 2006

After a long, very busy and yet mostly relaxing weekend away (but I was asleep in bed by 8:30 last night!)I came back to more Georgie Love chaos in the form of Fabulist, who of course love Leila & Pacquita's jewellery hangers (and who doesn't!). The boards are going crazy at the moment - as they should! They are beautiful. I have a grey bird one, which I bought as soon as I saw (the paint had barely dried). The ladies who make them are lovely and deserve all the attention the hangers are receiving! Yay!

In other news: yawn and where can one buy a recycled timber bed frame?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I am hungry said the puppet

There is Billy Joel playing somewhere out on Johnston Street in Fitzroy right now... from the Spanish Club perhaps? It's midday and I am HUNGRY! I need to wander down to Brunswick Street for some nosh very shortly... What to have?

Today has been good so far! I met the Lovely Liz Jones from "Betty Jo Desgins", fell in love with her house and pets (especially Chester the little doglet), her wonderful little woodland creature badges and bought this MR OWLISH then and there and he is now living on my jacket, as seen in this dodgy little puppet photo.

I use the very lovely and convenient X badges for all the Georgie Love type badges and they arrived today and I am SO happy with them! I hated the last few designs (if you ever got one, my apologies, I KNOW they were ugly and dodgy but I made these ones with more care and effort!), so if you have an order with the site, please check out your package for one of these babies soon...

Being so time poor is often very inconvenient. Today Georgie and I miss Gembo.

George is Hot!

In other this morning news, Georgie Love is HOT! Which I know for a fact, because if I turn my head slightly right, he is languishing in front of the heater he is in love with (the two shall never part). Quite seriously though, a blog we love That's Hot! find something to write about... or rather lots of things! Thanks a ton Katey!

Meanwhile, I am not so hot, having just left a hot shower to the freezing Melbourne morning! It's nearly time for a peanut butter english muffin and coffee.

Ok, I have SO much to do today, all of it website related... time to get moving.

Feeling a bit Modish

The lovelies from Modish had some very kind things to say about Georgie Love... Particularly Pacquita & Leila's jeweller hangers, which are going nuts at the moment!

It's a bit of an exciting day - I am not at work, have a meeting with a new exciting artist(who make crazy little creatures to wear), a photo shoot to FINALLY have Patsy's Love Bird Hoodies on show, dinner with two lovely friends I haven't seen in a while (who are looking after Georgie over the weekend, since the man and I are going away), and uh... a visit to the dentist. Which I am happy to just gloss over, aren't you?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Beck Wheeler's kissy-kissy toys are on sale! Get these darn-tootin' cuties while they are 40% off! (they are making room for some newbies!)

Now you can meet her Peepoos! Coming soon to Georgie Love! (i.e. as soon as I upload the images)

Other than that - I am a little under the weather, trying to catch up on a TON of work, formulating a plan for an office move and not stress too much about meeting my man's family and friends for the first time this weekend. *brain explodes*.

Monday, July 03, 2006

space blues

Georgie Love was a little idea I carried around my brain for several years. And then through support, encouragement and some technical intervention, it happened. Pop! It has always been run out of my living room, wherever it was that I lived. I live in a share house with the ridiculously lovely Gembo, who is extremely patient with me about clutter, hogging of the shared living space and the fact that despite all of that, I am rarely there...

I think it's time to admit... I need an office. I am ready and overdue in growing the site and I need space. I need shelves and room to store stuff and filing and a mat for Georgie. I need a space of my very own.

Ugh - you know what this means? Looking at houses and MOVING. When will I have the time? And I pay only a tiny little bit of rent at the moment, which will at least double.

Georgie Love Artists Kick Ass!

Georgie Love's Gemma Noble was featured in Handmade Life last week.

The adorable Snufties and Happy Monkeys can be found on the site to make your own.

Yay Gembo!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Amy Alexander Exhibition


an exhibition by AMY ALEXANDER

'Monster ate the pilot' is an exhibition about Monsters, and whether or not we ever truly grow too old for the Monsters from our childhood. Sometimes they are under your bed, sometimes in the cupboard and sometimes they are in the cockpit. Amy's paintings are about not knowing what to do when the Monsters are all about. They're about the time in-between time when the Monsters dare to stir. They're about passion, warm heaters and Monsters eating your underpants. This exhibition looks at the childish imagination that we never grow out of.

Amy has used her own childhood photo’s, taken between
the years of 1981 and 1985, as inspiration for this
exhibition. Also, because if you look closely enough,
you can see the Monsters under her bed.
The characters - devoid of context, similar but not
the same, have no idea where they are from and haven't
a clue where they are off to; one couldn't exist
without the other. No-one comes first and no-one
comes last, they simply just are. We will never out
grow the Monsters, just as we can never really out
grow childhood. We can choose to ignore them, but
they will always bop along beside us.
Free-falling through life, because the Monster ate the

Opening Friday July 21

Until Aug 2


114 Gertrude St Fitzroy 3065

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Funky Finds us!

What is going on today?! We have just turned up in Texan website Funky Finds! Thank you! :-)

thank you design*sponge!

Hooray! It was a busy night overnight, as the fabulous design*sponge gave Georgie Love a heads up (and more specifically, Pacquita & Leila's beautiful jewellery hangers)! Yay!

design*sponge is a daily website dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Launched in August of 2004, Design*Sponge features store and product reviews, sale and contest announcements, new designer profiles, trend forecasting and store/studio tours. In addition, Design*Sponge features a unique section dedicated to covering student design, national and international design shows. The site is updated constantly throughout the day (with an average of 6-10 posts a day), and attracts a core group of devoted readers. Design*Sponge currently has over 16,000 daily readers.