Wednesday, July 26, 2006


While I have exactly 100,000,005 things to do for Georgie Love, I have instead been wrapped on the couch watching DVDs of 21 Jump Street as I have been sick with a horrible headcoldy thing. Crap! Starting to feel better, but am oh-so-tired still. I have the aim to do a few things today (I have some adorable stuff to photograph and publish, damn it!) and then take it easy... One thing I am ridiculously excited about is the new series of Georgie Postcards about to come out. There are three different artists who have contributed - the ridiculously fabulous Amy Alexander, a recently located to Melbourne talented street artist by the Smuzer and a comic-book-stencil-styling from a hot young couple going under the name of siamese chimp... Oh yes, I am excited.

I am thinking of reshooting the above badges on a plain white background, rather than the yellow card they come on... I don't think it displays them to their best advantage... Meanwhile, a big georgie love welcome to Sneak Design and their cute, cute, cute little things! I have only put the barest minimum on the site so far, due to the enforced couch time I experienced this week... stay tuned, uh huh!