Thursday, July 06, 2006

I am hungry said the puppet

There is Billy Joel playing somewhere out on Johnston Street in Fitzroy right now... from the Spanish Club perhaps? It's midday and I am HUNGRY! I need to wander down to Brunswick Street for some nosh very shortly... What to have?

Today has been good so far! I met the Lovely Liz Jones from "Betty Jo Desgins", fell in love with her house and pets (especially Chester the little doglet), her wonderful little woodland creature badges and bought this MR OWLISH then and there and he is now living on my jacket, as seen in this dodgy little puppet photo.

I use the very lovely and convenient X badges for all the Georgie Love type badges and they arrived today and I am SO happy with them! I hated the last few designs (if you ever got one, my apologies, I KNOW they were ugly and dodgy but I made these ones with more care and effort!), so if you have an order with the site, please check out your package for one of these babies soon...

Being so time poor is often very inconvenient. Today Georgie and I miss Gembo.