Sunday, July 16, 2006

Late one Sunday evening

Ok, an update has been absent for a few days (life creeps in), but I have some very exciting things that you need to look for over the next few days, including:

1. Armies (a cross between mittens and arm warmers! Made from recycled woollen jumpers in one-of-a-kind pairs, you will LOVE them! For girlies and boyses! They come in stripes! Plain! With or without buttons!) I have 13 different pairs currently sprawled across my coffee table, ready to be photographed tomorrow.

(ps: it's a sad but true fact that I own at least one of everything sold on the site! Armlets modelled are infact my own!)

2. The cutest necklaces for foodies! You will very, very soon see what I mean!

3. More fantastic bags from one of my and George's best friends - Deb Ferguson, these new vegan-friendly bags (made from car upholstery vinyl and recycled kimonos) are beautiful, hard wearing, practical and lovely all at once! Magic!

I am sure there is more that I am possibly forgetting... or maybe there is just more on the cards... hmmmm)

I am more tired than you can imagine and ok, I probably should be getting my groove on the dancefloor right now (yes! I know it's a Sunday night!) but I came home early to work and sleep, and alas I shall.....

night night, you. x