Thursday, July 13, 2006

New things on Georgie Love

Well, there have been updates on Georgie Love that I haven't blogged about yet. I think I did mention the fabulous Betty Jo Designs and her ridiculously cute woodland creatures. I have an owl who is now living on my jacket, but the babushka dolls are pretty awesome and there may be an order from me soon too!

There was a snippet about Betty Jo and her Owls in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning;
Who's idea?

Fashion is having a barnyard moment, with an influx of owl-themed jewellery flooding our shops. Tatty Devine has put out a chunky, wooden owl pendant; Mimco designer Amanda Briskin, who put out a gold owl pendant this year, will launch another one next month; and Melbourne jeweller Liz Jones has crafted owl badges from "retro lino" and buttons. Jones, who launched label Betty Jo Designs earlier this year, opted for the sage bird because of its "quirky storybook feel". Her pendants are available at Orson & Blake and

Patsy has a few new things on the site -
Love Bird Hoodies, Canvases and the cute Hanging Beads Tee.

I sent an email out to all the newsletter subscribers but it all seems to have gone haywire. Trying to work that one out...

Dinner last night ended up being decadent vegetarian pizza on the couch and lemonade from a wine glass and an early night. Just what the doctor ordered... ;-)


...mj said...

So Sally,


...if a guy wanted a snug-fitting hoodie top, (making the assumption that Patsy's garment wasn't cut too girlie), and knowing that he usually bought a size S (in guys sizing) in most things, what size should he order from thou?


Sally said...

Well M!key, it's not a very girly cut, so I think you'd be fine in a medium. :-) If it was too small or big, we could do a swap over - I see you are in Melbourne?

...mj said...

Such service sally, merci.

...and yes, I am in Melbourne. :-)