Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday night

It is Saturday night and I have dedicated myself to working (oh, and waiting for the distraction of either the lovely Gembo to come home or my delicious boyfriend to check his email or call), I am catching up (it feels very slowly) on all the backlog of Georgie Love work that needs to be done, I made a list and am yet to cross off one thing. I am close to crossing off maybe 5, things are half done, but I have closure on NOTHING. I spent the day with the loveliest Deb Ferguson for breakfast, shopping and the planning of nice things for those we love. Deb will be my new housemate, when I move to North Melbourne in a few weeks. Having some more space for the growth of Georgie Love will be delightful, but the fat dog and I will very much miss Gem and living in this kooky and lovable house.

These cute hair pins from Anika at Sneak are about to go online in the next 24 hours! (no really, I promise!). This picture serves no purpose other than to say - I am tired and not wearing any make up and my head says 'hi' to you all.

It is raining and I am listening to Sufjan Stevens (illinois). I am cold and hungry! I need to find some food. I just got a notification that where I should be right now is the Spanish Club with a jug of Sangria followed by an exhibition opening, so for now, it is bye.