Thursday, August 31, 2006

new things

Ok. I am sleepy (as usual, I need more... always need more... either that or a big, fat steak), but I am sleepy and very EXCITED. A big day for Georgie Love yesterday, ok well, bigger than usual. I collected items to photograph from 3 new fabulicious artists and I am fit to burst with excitement about all of them. I won't get to photograph and make up names and words for them all till the weekend...

Check out these vintage paper packs! How awesome are they! I am terribly addicted to them and imagine I will be the biggest buyer. I have a stack of these at home and can't wait, although I imagine it's me and other Georgie Love artists who will snaffle them all up.

Also have these awesome tees from male crafter Michael about to go up. The quality of his stuff is amazing and he is as passionate about locally produced, handmade items as I am (the t-shirts themselves are 100% cotton and made in Melbourne). It's about time the men got a look-in on the site, so I am rapt. I just need to locate a willing gentleman model by the weekend.

And finally, the lovely Blythe Toll makes pendants and brooches from vintage stamps (the designs are so cool!) and recycled architecture materials (?!). Each piece is a one-off and I have a tin full at home to photograph and play with. I shall be adorned shortly. Blogger won't let me add another photo.... you will all just have to wait and see, no sneak previews!

So all this, happening THIS WEEK.... Huge! All will be available for sale on the site at the start of next week (hopefully!). In the meantime, I am trying to wean myself off more than one (or two) episodes of Press Gang a day, spend quality time with the mister, spoil fat dog George, see friends, have a day job and uh... some relaxing time just for me? Hm.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I bought over 100 little jiffy bags (different sizes) and things on ebay, to send packages out. I know I will save money (in the long run) that way, but do I have a problem? I don't know where I will store it all.

In other words, I love this set of badges and am tempted to buy it for myself, but you really do not know how many badges I own... I just like all things foxy.

I am just sleeping at my desk now. ZzzzZZzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Do you know what is terrifying? How big my head is over on the left there, I mean woah! It looks different on a mac, with this new layout, I didn't ever realise that I HAD A GIANT HEAD DESTINED TO OVERTAKE THE WORLD AND GOBBLE UP ALL BLOG VISITORS.

Phew. Must change that.

Me, I am tired. I woke up at 5am and didn't go back to sleep and gave up at 5:30 to watch another episode of Press Gang. The entire series box set was a birthday present from my mister, who said to me the other night:

"I am not "mister right"...
I am not even "mister right now"...
I am mister "right after Press Gang"

The man may be living with regret... I am only mid-through season 2... out of 5. We were firmly engrossed in episodes of 21 Jump Street for a good long while (we have seasons 1-3 on DVD), but that got briefly waylaid. It's interesting to see if someone as an adult can get into Press Gang for the first time. I am pleasantly surprised that it is as good as I remembered.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today was a mix of office work, the exitement of finding the Jewellery Hangers from Leila and Pacquita at Rare Bird Finds, a catch up with Liz from Betty Jo designs, the possibiity (or initial discussions) of dinner and a movie and putting more fabulousy things online...

Like this Quincy Quail.... I put up 7 new Betty Jo Design Lino Badges, which are looking awesome! I have some artwork from Beck Wheeler to put up and the nly reason I haven't yet as I have to measure it all and frankly, I am lazy. I am intending to do it in the next day or so. Sorry Beck. :-(

Also, dodgy scones of yesterday are tasting awesome today! Yay! (and gobblegobblegobble).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I should send out a newsletter to all Georgie Love subscribers as there is a huge amount of change and new stuff coming on the site, however as there is LOTS also coming in the next week or so, I tend to put it off... I get too excited. I am taking on the first SYDNEY artist, she does some beautiful things with paper that will encourage the craft in us all... you will soon see...

Today was another busy / satisfying day of photography, a crappy-old-work related meeting, cooking blueberry scones using a US receipe (I DO love the site, indeedy), although the scones are a bit dodgy, I either kneaded them for too long or too many blueberries or the absence of cream of tartare or the fact I tried to make round rather than triangle scones as suggested in the receipe... anyway, the man, the dog and I have all had our fill (and then some) of their dodginess. Cooking is definitely a craft and I also discovered today that if you stack dirty dishes neatly next to the sink, it instantly tidies the kitchen, negating the need to wash them immediately. Yay! There is now a huge (but neat) stack next to the sink for some lucky punter. I will wrestle with the gentleman later until we have a clear washing-dishes winner.

I took some photos for Georgie Love today, after a quick visit with Gaye yesterday, she is now doing these beautiful yellow poppy wallets.

People who have bought Gaye's wallets tend to rave about them. They fit a ton of stuff, are sturdy, funky, well made and most importantly, beautiful. They are a signature product of hers and we are about to have a range of new designs. EXCITING!

And recycled woollen PodCosies. My favourite is the cheerily named Grandpa's Christmas Jumper PodCosy (once you see it, you will understand why I named thusly...). They are made from sadly forgotten woollen jumpers, reclaimed by Gaye (like the Armies) and recycled into new things. We love the whole life in old products philosophy at Georgie Love, so it's awesome!

Yesterday Margaret Lilley's adorable new zip wallet collection was posted. She works in the art of adorable and as such her stuff NEVER stays long on the site... I mean come on, look at this new one here I have posted. DO YOU THINK SHE IS TRYING TO KILL ME?

I have a few new button necklaces to go up... a new skirt, some men's t-shirts and more! It's all coming together.

Apart from all that, we're starting to think of a possible Vietnam holiday over the xmas break, which would be magnificent, soon to be looking for a house with a yard, fireplace, room for two studies and 10,001 books, designing a Georgie Love postcard of my very own and... I also really need a haircut.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Back from a lovely long weekend in the sunny city of Brisbane. Have a few more days off before I get back into the 9-5 work vibe.

Today has been a productive and happy day of:

Hanging out with George, after missing him over the weekend, catching up with each other's news. (George says he spent his time eating, sleeping and dozing in the sun, which, uh, is actually the same as me)

Eating left over surprise freddo frog 30th birthday ice cream cake (with a spoon). Yay! and Yum! I forgot it was in the freezer and had a burst of joy when I found it again.

Enjoying the sunshine and marvelling over the sudden appearance of blossom in the garden.

Taking photos of all kinds of exciting new things for Georgie Love! Like this super-cool (like the artist) painting from Beck Wheeler.

Georgie and I are now headed to pick our lovely man up from work and we will all take a stroll in the afternoon sun.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where we be?

Please note that the staff of Georgie Love (ok, that mainly means me, Sally) will be taking a long weekend in QLD, for sunshine, drinking, eating, snoozing and catching up with very old friends. As a result it may take slightly longer for a response to Georgie Love queries. Leaving Thursday 17/08/06 and returning Sunday 20/08/06.

(Please note, the fat dog is staying in Melbourne and will read all your mails, he just isn't able to reply. He hasn't figured out paws and keyboard yet)

Home Beautiful

Georgie Love is featured in the September issue of Home Beautiful Magazine! Make sure you check us (and the jewellery hangers they took a fancy too) out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Updates! Lordy!

Ok, it's been a hectic few weeks and I have been very absent in updating as a result. I turned 30, changed jobs, moved house and am a mess of boxes and nonsense (but Georgie and the Mac are ok, thanks for asking), but hopefully things in my life will be settling down very soon and I can shuffle everything back into order.

I have so much to update! Over the weekend, Georgie Love's Betty Jo Designs were in the "I Made it Myself" section of The Age, which is fabulous news for Liz Jones, the creative lady behind it all! I have an inkling that there is going to be a few Georgie Love artists appearing over the next few weeks or months which is terribly exciting!

In the September issue of Home Beautiful, Leila and Pacquita's beautful Jewellery Hangers are appearing on page 178 (I will have a scan very shortly). We also have two new designs from the ladies - Indian Rose and Bamboo Butterfly. The photos I had of the hangers were a bit dodgy so I have updated them all, and they look MUCH better.

One of the loveliest ladies, Mistress of the Upper Fifth has made these super-cute one-third purses with buttons.

I took a whole lot of photos of these purses with stuff in and around them so people can see how perfect a size they are!

I also have ton of new button sets to put up, which are photographed, edited and ready to go, but time and the lack of a reliable internet connection in the new home has prevented me. Look for them in the next few days.

Anika from Sneak is killing me with her cute making, from hair-pins, giraffe tees and badge sets. I peeked into her studio recently and the fairy-tale cute HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. Lordy, she may kill me.

Other than that, the EXCITING NEWS FLASH!FLASH!FLASH! is that we have a secret new male crafter about to come on board, with his kick-ass cool tees for the boys. Keep a close eye on us for that one!

Margaret Lilley has also made us a whole new bunch of her purses, which is a very good thing as the last ones sold like HOTCAKES.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's been a very little while since updating, but of course there are always things happening! I am doing a little work here and there and Georgie Love in between and am about to move house and am very, very sleepy... ZzzzzZzzZZ

After the move and life-to-settle-downness (for a while at least), there will be a lot more Georgie Love news and changes. Hooray!