Monday, August 21, 2006

Back from a lovely long weekend in the sunny city of Brisbane. Have a few more days off before I get back into the 9-5 work vibe.

Today has been a productive and happy day of:

Hanging out with George, after missing him over the weekend, catching up with each other's news. (George says he spent his time eating, sleeping and dozing in the sun, which, uh, is actually the same as me)

Eating left over surprise freddo frog 30th birthday ice cream cake (with a spoon). Yay! and Yum! I forgot it was in the freezer and had a burst of joy when I found it again.

Enjoying the sunshine and marvelling over the sudden appearance of blossom in the garden.

Taking photos of all kinds of exciting new things for Georgie Love! Like this super-cool (like the artist) painting from Beck Wheeler.

Georgie and I are now headed to pick our lovely man up from work and we will all take a stroll in the afternoon sun.