Thursday, August 31, 2006

new things

Ok. I am sleepy (as usual, I need more... always need more... either that or a big, fat steak), but I am sleepy and very EXCITED. A big day for Georgie Love yesterday, ok well, bigger than usual. I collected items to photograph from 3 new fabulicious artists and I am fit to burst with excitement about all of them. I won't get to photograph and make up names and words for them all till the weekend...

Check out these vintage paper packs! How awesome are they! I am terribly addicted to them and imagine I will be the biggest buyer. I have a stack of these at home and can't wait, although I imagine it's me and other Georgie Love artists who will snaffle them all up.

Also have these awesome tees from male crafter Michael about to go up. The quality of his stuff is amazing and he is as passionate about locally produced, handmade items as I am (the t-shirts themselves are 100% cotton and made in Melbourne). It's about time the men got a look-in on the site, so I am rapt. I just need to locate a willing gentleman model by the weekend.

And finally, the lovely Blythe Toll makes pendants and brooches from vintage stamps (the designs are so cool!) and recycled architecture materials (?!). Each piece is a one-off and I have a tin full at home to photograph and play with. I shall be adorned shortly. Blogger won't let me add another photo.... you will all just have to wait and see, no sneak previews!

So all this, happening THIS WEEK.... Huge! All will be available for sale on the site at the start of next week (hopefully!). In the meantime, I am trying to wean myself off more than one (or two) episodes of Press Gang a day, spend quality time with the mister, spoil fat dog George, see friends, have a day job and uh... some relaxing time just for me? Hm.