Monday, August 14, 2006

Updates! Lordy!

Ok, it's been a hectic few weeks and I have been very absent in updating as a result. I turned 30, changed jobs, moved house and am a mess of boxes and nonsense (but Georgie and the Mac are ok, thanks for asking), but hopefully things in my life will be settling down very soon and I can shuffle everything back into order.

I have so much to update! Over the weekend, Georgie Love's Betty Jo Designs were in the "I Made it Myself" section of The Age, which is fabulous news for Liz Jones, the creative lady behind it all! I have an inkling that there is going to be a few Georgie Love artists appearing over the next few weeks or months which is terribly exciting!

In the September issue of Home Beautiful, Leila and Pacquita's beautful Jewellery Hangers are appearing on page 178 (I will have a scan very shortly). We also have two new designs from the ladies - Indian Rose and Bamboo Butterfly. The photos I had of the hangers were a bit dodgy so I have updated them all, and they look MUCH better.

One of the loveliest ladies, Mistress of the Upper Fifth has made these super-cute one-third purses with buttons.

I took a whole lot of photos of these purses with stuff in and around them so people can see how perfect a size they are!

I also have ton of new button sets to put up, which are photographed, edited and ready to go, but time and the lack of a reliable internet connection in the new home has prevented me. Look for them in the next few days.

Anika from Sneak is killing me with her cute making, from hair-pins, giraffe tees and badge sets. I peeked into her studio recently and the fairy-tale cute HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. Lordy, she may kill me.

Other than that, the EXCITING NEWS FLASH!FLASH!FLASH! is that we have a secret new male crafter about to come on board, with his kick-ass cool tees for the boys. Keep a close eye on us for that one!

Margaret Lilley has also made us a whole new bunch of her purses, which is a very good thing as the last ones sold like HOTCAKES.