Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I should send out a newsletter to all Georgie Love subscribers as there is a huge amount of change and new stuff coming on the site, however as there is LOTS also coming in the next week or so, I tend to put it off... I get too excited. I am taking on the first SYDNEY artist, she does some beautiful things with paper that will encourage the craft in us all... you will soon see...

Today was another busy / satisfying day of photography, a crappy-old-work related meeting, cooking blueberry scones using a US receipe (I DO love the site, indeedy), although the scones are a bit dodgy, I either kneaded them for too long or too many blueberries or the absence of cream of tartare or the fact I tried to make round rather than triangle scones as suggested in the receipe... anyway, the man, the dog and I have all had our fill (and then some) of their dodginess. Cooking is definitely a craft and I also discovered today that if you stack dirty dishes neatly next to the sink, it instantly tidies the kitchen, negating the need to wash them immediately. Yay! There is now a huge (but neat) stack next to the sink for some lucky punter. I will wrestle with the gentleman later until we have a clear washing-dishes winner.

I took some photos for Georgie Love today, after a quick visit with Gaye yesterday, she is now doing these beautiful yellow poppy wallets.

People who have bought Gaye's wallets tend to rave about them. They fit a ton of stuff, are sturdy, funky, well made and most importantly, beautiful. They are a signature product of hers and we are about to have a range of new designs. EXCITING!

And recycled woollen PodCosies. My favourite is the cheerily named Grandpa's Christmas Jumper PodCosy (once you see it, you will understand why I named thusly...). They are made from sadly forgotten woollen jumpers, reclaimed by Gaye (like the Armies) and recycled into new things. We love the whole life in old products philosophy at Georgie Love, so it's awesome!

Yesterday Margaret Lilley's adorable new zip wallet collection was posted. She works in the art of adorable and as such her stuff NEVER stays long on the site... I mean come on, look at this new one here I have posted. DO YOU THINK SHE IS TRYING TO KILL ME?

I have a few new button necklaces to go up... a new skirt, some men's t-shirts and more! It's all coming together.

Apart from all that, we're starting to think of a possible Vietnam holiday over the xmas break, which would be magnificent, soon to be looking for a house with a yard, fireplace, room for two studies and 10,001 books, designing a Georgie Love postcard of my very own and... I also really need a haircut.