Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Do you know what is terrifying? How big my head is over on the left there, I mean woah! It looks different on a mac, with this new layout, I didn't ever realise that I HAD A GIANT HEAD DESTINED TO OVERTAKE THE WORLD AND GOBBLE UP ALL BLOG VISITORS.

Phew. Must change that.

Me, I am tired. I woke up at 5am and didn't go back to sleep and gave up at 5:30 to watch another episode of Press Gang. The entire series box set was a birthday present from my mister, who said to me the other night:

"I am not "mister right"...
I am not even "mister right now"...
I am mister "right after Press Gang"

The man may be living with regret... I am only mid-through season 2... out of 5. We were firmly engrossed in episodes of 21 Jump Street for a good long while (we have seasons 1-3 on DVD), but that got briefly waylaid. It's interesting to see if someone as an adult can get into Press Gang for the first time. I am pleasantly surprised that it is as good as I remembered.


Cathy said...

Hi there !

Google Blog Alerts plonked this post into my inbox this morning and felt compelled to comment because a.) you're beginning to feel the Pres Gang love, and that is always a good thing and b.) I'm totally in love with your site. Totally. I shall be pimping it ruthlessly on my blog.

Cathy x

Sally said...


That makes me so happy on the press gang side AND the ruthless pimping! Although, I uh... wish I knew how to pop over to your side and ay all kinds of hello, where is your blog?

Sal (and lots of love from George)

Cathy said...

Hey Sal,

I'm alwyas glad to see new fans of the show, I've been semi-forcing people to love it for nearly 20 years so it's good when they do without my help. *g*

My blog is :

I've got loads of Aussies on my Friends List so shall pimp with vigour on my next update, for it needs to be pimped. The site rocks that much.

Cathy xx

Sally said...

Cath, today you are very much the Spike to my Linda...

Cathy said...

Hurrah ! Well as I'm usually the Lynda to other people's Spike's this makes a pleasant change.