Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is another Tuesday

Ok, this is in a rush, I am sleepy, hayfeverish, ridiculously excited about our new washing machine and concerned about an odd rash all over my arms that developed today(?).

HOWEVER, despite all of that self pitying lameness, I FINALLY have put Wendy June's beautiful art badges up on Georgie Love (with more to come!)...also the artist profile with s will be up TOMORROW, and there is more exciting things to come (new purses, journals, clothing and more!)... just you wait!

We've also made the decision to not stock Kooky Spooks. We absolutely LOVE Fleur, the Kooks and what she is doing, but the toys are designed, but not made, locally. Sorry to all Kooky Spooks fans who were excited about Georgie Love stocking her goodies. They ARE however available from Fleur's site - http://www.kookyspooks.com, so head over there.

Other than that, check us out at myspace and come say hello!

oh, and ... is that a storm rolling in? Yay!