Thursday, October 26, 2006

We love good causes, little people and our community

foodwatershelter incorporated (fws) is a charity that was formed in September 2005 by five Australian Women who all met while volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa. Food Water Shelter is an Australian, not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-governmental organisation, established to build and run eco-friendly orphanages with education, social and health facilities for orphaned children in developing countries (first stop, Tanzania, East Africa!).

fws’s first project is to build Kesho Leo orphanage in Tanzania, East Africa. Kesho Leo (which is Swahili for “tomorrow today”) will be an eco-friendly orphanage with a mix of early learning, keep-your-culture and health programs (including HIV/AIDS support).

If you’d like some more info about us check out

On Tuesday 31st of October 2006 (yep next week!!), fws will be holding its first Melbourne fundraiser, a movie night at Cinema Nova in Carlton. We are holding a special screening of the movie ‘Fast Food Nation’ (

WHEN: Tuesday 31st October


TIME: 6.00pm for pre-movie drinks. Movie will start around 7.00pm
( check session guides for exact time )

PRICE: $16 (includes a complimentary beverage upon arrival + nibbles)

Please RSVP by Friday 27th October to:

Kelsey ( )


Elissa ( )

Please attend to support a very. very good cause run by very good people, see a great film AND the chance to win one of two Georgie Love $50 vouchers!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

forever and a day

Okay yesterday was officially forever since I last updated this, but it's not due to laziness! Oh no! Georgie and I have been busy seeking out new artists for the site, getting them onboard, taking photos, writing stories, eating muffins and boston bun (mmmm!) and working nearly 50 hour weeks at our new job. So, VERY BUSY! Yes, yes, yes.

We bought a boston bun yesterday and the icing is about an INCH thick. I am having sugar overloads.... YUM! Georgie and the Doctor-Mister meanwhile are sugar-crashing on the floor and in bed (respectively).

Oh, I am distracted.

I have two brand new artists on Georgie Love as of YESTERDAY.

The magnificent Frankie & Ray (named after a persian cat and the most beautiful greyhound in the world) have given us two fabulous things - beautiful handmade belts in a range of 6 different pretty & girly designs.

Plus for the most luscious tea parties in the world (with whiskey tea, blueberry muffins and boston bun please), these gorgeous nanna-loving tea cosies! Yay!

(ps: those muffins were made especially for the photos AND for post photo gobbling, and they were pipping hot from the oven!)

The delightful Anna Murphy has given us these wonderful vintage fabric zippered purses, to hold 1,000,0001 different things. We have a range of different sizes and designs, so grabs YOURS now! Anna is a very talented sewer (even my fussy-sewer mum fussed over how beautifully they are made and finished off!) and she is soon to give us a range of one-off skirts in different new and vintage styles. WE ARE EXCITED! The one above IS my favourite design and I am thisveryclose to buying it myself, so get in before I do!

Mistress of the Upper Fifth has created this range of new perspex badges that are flying out the door, because they are 2016% cute! Ghosties, Kitties, Puppies and more!

Other than that, have a few new things on the cards for Georgie Love over the next few weeks, a new postcard design coming out in a few days, a one-off market stall so you can meet us in person and say hey...hmm... and of course a ton of new artist and things to inspire you before Christmas (which is sooner than I can bare to think)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies.... ! x

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lorne Weekend

Georgie Love's Beck Wheeler was mentioned in New York site "Cool Hunting" over the weekend, with a little tiny mention of Georgie Love. Beck is both a) very delicious b) very talented and deserves all the praise and recognition that she can get! She also has a brilliant exhibition on at the moment at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street, North Melbourne which you SHOULD go check out, it's really quite fab and is apart of Melbourne's Fringe Festival so check it out.

Doctor-mister, Georgie and I just got back from a lovely and relaxing weekend (during the crazy full moon) at Countrywide Cottages (for your reference, we were in the igloo). They are beautiful self-contained cottages at Bambra, which is close to Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road. Really lovely place, very private, peaceful, a lovely owner, very dog friendly and lots to do on the 26 acres as well as near by.

The photo above was taken from the back porch about 7am Saturday morning. Beautiful views!

Now this week is a busy one, I have a new day job (which I am enjoying for a change), have a couple of new artists to meet and get online, so it's all good. I have been watching the unbelivably fabulous Love My Way on dvd and am fit to burst waiting for season two...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dance magic dance!

We love all things quirky-dance-style at Georgie Love. I have already watched this video about 5 times. Ladies, gentlemen, puppies... I give you.. "Little Superstar"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Georgie and Josh

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks as I started a new day job, was sick (and I still have a little cough for), trying to catch up on all life stuff but now we are BACK. Mister-Doctor and I are in the middle of a liver cleanse detox, and I would KILL for a swimming pool filled with marshmallows, chocolate covered raspberries and smarties, all washed down with a super-sized coffee. YUM!

(I am feeling a little deprived it's true, but I am feeling good and look healthy)

Check out this cute photo a georgie love friend sent us a photo of her cheeky monkey loving his Georgie badge. Thank you Kylie! :-D

Ok, it's only 9pm, but I have the first season of Love My Way on dvd (loving it) and it is beckoning. Oh yes.