Sunday, October 22, 2006

forever and a day

Okay yesterday was officially forever since I last updated this, but it's not due to laziness! Oh no! Georgie and I have been busy seeking out new artists for the site, getting them onboard, taking photos, writing stories, eating muffins and boston bun (mmmm!) and working nearly 50 hour weeks at our new job. So, VERY BUSY! Yes, yes, yes.

We bought a boston bun yesterday and the icing is about an INCH thick. I am having sugar overloads.... YUM! Georgie and the Doctor-Mister meanwhile are sugar-crashing on the floor and in bed (respectively).

Oh, I am distracted.

I have two brand new artists on Georgie Love as of YESTERDAY.

The magnificent Frankie & Ray (named after a persian cat and the most beautiful greyhound in the world) have given us two fabulous things - beautiful handmade belts in a range of 6 different pretty & girly designs.

Plus for the most luscious tea parties in the world (with whiskey tea, blueberry muffins and boston bun please), these gorgeous nanna-loving tea cosies! Yay!

(ps: those muffins were made especially for the photos AND for post photo gobbling, and they were pipping hot from the oven!)

The delightful Anna Murphy has given us these wonderful vintage fabric zippered purses, to hold 1,000,0001 different things. We have a range of different sizes and designs, so grabs YOURS now! Anna is a very talented sewer (even my fussy-sewer mum fussed over how beautifully they are made and finished off!) and she is soon to give us a range of one-off skirts in different new and vintage styles. WE ARE EXCITED! The one above IS my favourite design and I am thisveryclose to buying it myself, so get in before I do!

Mistress of the Upper Fifth has created this range of new perspex badges that are flying out the door, because they are 2016% cute! Ghosties, Kitties, Puppies and more!

Other than that, have a few new things on the cards for Georgie Love over the next few weeks, a new postcard design coming out in a few days, a one-off market stall so you can meet us in person and say hey...hmm... and of course a ton of new artist and things to inspire you before Christmas (which is sooner than I can bare to think)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies.... ! x


rachel h said...

Hi, I've just discovered your site and industrious activity, thanks to lou Maskell. She thinks some of the things I make may be the kind of thing you might like. I'm very pregnant right now, but am endevouring to try and hatch a cunning plan to utelise my skills in the not too distant future. Have a look at the blog, and even the link to flickr to get an idea.
Cheers Rach.
(It is a good thing you do.)