Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lorne Weekend

Georgie Love's Beck Wheeler was mentioned in New York site "Cool Hunting" over the weekend, with a little tiny mention of Georgie Love. Beck is both a) very delicious b) very talented and deserves all the praise and recognition that she can get! She also has a brilliant exhibition on at the moment at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street, North Melbourne which you SHOULD go check out, it's really quite fab and is apart of Melbourne's Fringe Festival so check it out.

Doctor-mister, Georgie and I just got back from a lovely and relaxing weekend (during the crazy full moon) at Countrywide Cottages (for your reference, we were in the igloo). They are beautiful self-contained cottages at Bambra, which is close to Lorne, on the Great Ocean Road. Really lovely place, very private, peaceful, a lovely owner, very dog friendly and lots to do on the 26 acres as well as near by.

The photo above was taken from the back porch about 7am Saturday morning. Beautiful views!

Now this week is a busy one, I have a new day job (which I am enjoying for a change), have a couple of new artists to meet and get online, so it's all good. I have been watching the unbelivably fabulous Love My Way on dvd and am fit to burst waiting for season two...