Saturday, November 11, 2006

New artists on georgie love!

Just very briefly on this sunny Saturday afternoon in Melbourne (Yay!), I have TWO new artists to tell you about, now appearing on Georgie Love!

iJulie Knoblock is best known around town for her drawings and illustrations (and trust us, they are coming to Georgie Love!), however in the meantime, she has made us the CUTEST BAGS AND PURSES KNOW TO MAN. Sorry about the caps, but yes I AM squealing with excitment. Each one is a ton of beautiful colour, hand embroidery and craftmanship. Trust me, you will be squealing too, that is a promise! Julie has also let me know that she is also about to get to me another range of one-off bags and purses, so check again with us soon (and think about your best friend or sister for Christmas too, which people are meanly telling me is only 6 weeks away! Argh!).

Each handmade bag has a matching handmade purse available separately. :-D

Northey has also left me squealing (and I have to admit that I am usually NOT a squealer, so my point is, I am serious about this folks!), with her range of quirky, cute and downright fabulous range of jewellery. The talented lovely lady behind the creations (Jane) is a talented jewellery maker, and each one is made by hand (each silver piece is cut by hand or set by hand), the necklaces, chains and brooches are sterling silver and the other pieces are a mix of vintage tea-towels!

Ok, look after yourselves and your furry pets, don't stress too much about Christmas, drink good wine , eat home made lemon slice and keep in touch!

Sal & Georgie Porge