Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We've been terribly, terribly absent here in Georgie Love land.... BUT! with good reason. Sally started a new day job and Georgie started a diet (and encouraged Sally to follow his lead, but Sally says in response "I don't eat extra snacks off the ground or out of bins and you do George, so the diet is yours).

So apart from new day job (yay! It's a good one but long hours) and Georgie Love (helllooooo Christmas rush) and my doctor-mister (who now works on the Georgie Love production line and is responsible for addressing, packing, posting, choosing the buttons to send AND postcards) PLUS trying to see friends regularly.... let's not mention housework, shopping, CHRISTMAS and the like.

So, busy times. HAPPY times, but busy. Hence the neglect of Georgie Blog and news of Georgie Land.

The main thing I should tell you about is the arrival of Dick & Dora to Georgie Love! Flown in direct from Hobart, they have the CUTEST range of birdy and bunny brooches. They are cute, quirky and extremely striking
(I love the litte dizzy birds and have been wearing one since they arrived)

We also have new wallets, badges, necklaces and more, so make sure you check it all out all our new things.