Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yay! Georgie Love is given sweet lovelovelove from trashionista, New York based fashion writer, Stella Kae.

Stella has taken a fancy to the lovely Emma Grace's Jewellery.

(please note: the beautiful photographs of the model wearing this piece are Copyright Krystelle Donald Photography 2006)

How cool is this site? We heart prints, "we*heart*prints is a compilation of beautiful, affordable art prints". The prints that they have are amazing, modern pieces. I am struggling not to buy (at least) this one:

Ghost Camera by Gary Gao.

Meanwhile, I am on the search for some vintage fabric to reupholster some chairs, spreading the word about Georgie Love and trying to look busy at work when actually there is nothing in the office to do...

Oh, and I seem to have lost my mittens and need a new pair.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Georgie Love will be representing!

DOUJICON! Australia's first fully fledged self-publishing cartoonists and animators convention.
WHEN: From 10:00am, Saturday, July 29th
WHERE: Monash University: Caulfield Campus
HOW MUCH? Five lousy dollars… You’ve paid more for an Orange Mocha Frappucino

Wednesday Blues

I slept badly last night, amd I am not completely sure why. I was in a strange mood yesterday afternoon so my boyfriend and I took a long drive in the dark through the dandenong ranges to a beautiful, hidden pub with open fireplaces, amazing food and MULLED WINE. I am allergic to red wine (as well as coffee, weirdly enough, but that doesn't stop me either - I LOVE coffee), however I indulged in the wine and PAID THE PRICE. A very restless nights sleep, leading to overall crankiness today.

George woke up at 6am all fresh faced and stretched and indicated that I was a lazy, undermotivated b*tch (George has a terrible potty mouth, please excuse him) and I should be more enthusiastic about taking him for a walk.

The last postcard run was amazingly successful and I am needing to do another very soon - I had 2000 Georgie Love postcards and I have only a few left! I need more printed. I have some new ones being prepared by a somewhat fabulous street artist named smuzer, and I can not WAIT to see what he comes up with... Georgie Love's Gemma Noble is thinking of doing something exciting, crazy, original and embroided (!!) and I might very nicely ask the lovely Amy Alexander for a design as well.

Apart from that and my general whingy mood, there have been Georgie updates! Yay! Welcome to the lovely
Anne from LUcÉ who makes beautiful, one-off scarves! Check them out, they are quite delicious.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I think it's nearly time to make Georgie Love an Australia-wide thing... As in, featuring artists across Australia.

This is big. And logistically complicated. We will see how it goes...

Hello World!

It's seems so weird to see people linking to Georgie Love at places like

Tuesday Madness

I have some CUTE scarves about the go up, hopefully today - am receiving LOVE BIRD HOODIES from Patsy to photograph and have up (I snuck one from her for me early and it is both SNUGGLY and PRETTY, some foodie necklaces which aren't far off... the DOGLETS of course. I think it's nearly time for a massive new artist hunt... I think I am (and Georgie) are ready.

Meanwhile, I am in a sterile government office in the middle of the city, wearing layers of wool and other fabrics and I am *still* cold, while George is in front of the heater at my boyfriend's house, being fed potato chips and mint slice biscuits. There is surely something wrong with this picture.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A weekend of mostly Georgie Love work, with some brief social and relaxing moments thrown in. New badge designs complete, sent to the maker and should be here shortly. The ones previously were terrible, but these ones are colourful, spunky and very wearable. Yay!

Got a few orders to send out tomorrow - look for yours very soon!

Meanwhile, Georgie is tuckered out from a hard weekend of work. He finds the new doglet pillows very relaxing.

Oh, and to answer the queries, Georgie is a boy, not girl, dog.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hmmm.... well, in whatever form, the new Artist Profile, on Emma Grace, is up... just waiting for the photos to be loaded now, which hopefully won't be too much longer. *hint hint to the IT guy*

I have the next one in my head and ready to go... well artist picked. I suggested it to her and she was all shy and coy about it. Still, I will pin her down and have it done much more quickly than this one. I like the Q&A format.... so quick! So easy! Yay!

Other than that, I have a massive digital SLR that I use for the site, but I am lusting after something small and pocket sized that I can use to document the rest of my days.

Catching up with Nat from Patsy on Sunday, she advises she has clothes (love bird hoodies!) and some new prints for the site, which will be fabulous to get on... I think Gaye Abandon and Textile Allsorts are collaborating and producing arm warmers (perfect since it's so bloody freezing at the moment!) and I have some super cute and cosy new scarves and edible looking necklaces coming up very, very soon... Yum!

Ok, it's the weekend. I am going to work for half and be completely slothful for the rest. Completely. Slothful. So sleeeeepy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I should be writing an article on the beautiful Emma Grace, however I am stuck with the monotony here of day-job. I am thinking of being lazy and posting it as a question and answer session, but I would prefer to wrap words around it all. I am very happy with how the photos turned out and I hope she will too. Coming soon! And yes, it's late. :-D

In other news, people ask me where I got my light box (it's cheap and very reliable) and the answer is from this guy on ebay. I think he makes them all by hand in Mornington and then posts them. They are only listed when he has one ready, so they are not available all the time. If you want one, check back.

There is only one male crafter on Georgie Love (the lovely Chris Wright, who make toys and the delicious butterbeads). It's terribly disproportionate. If you know any crafty-as-a-fox males, please send them Georgie Love's way.

I am cranky and cold today. Cranky. And. Cold. I think one is lending to the other.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day One of Blogdom

Welcome to the Georgie Love blog! What this little place is going to be, I do not yet know. Just a random space to note my ideas, plans and experience of Melbourne's flourishing craft scene!