Wednesday, January 24, 2007

despite my best intentions... and new things!

In the longest delay between updating Georgie Love (The Blog Edition) returns to you TRIUMPHANT from a Christmas / New Years / House Move / Busy Day Job bonanza! I always have the best intentions to write regularly (and it's justifed, we really have so much going on at Georgie Love). Somehow though, it all falls to the wayside.

To kick off the New Year and also nearly the first birthday of Georgie Love, we have two very new, very wonderful and very exciting new artists for your pleasure.

Magnificent male-crafter Jarren with his Te. brand (I never remember to ask what this word means in Japanese and if you know, please let me know!) of leather work is now available. He makes beautiful bags, wallets and belts (for lovely girls and boys). They are entirely handmade from treating, colouring and creasing the leather himself to handstitching his label onto it. I love them and in a fit of indecision as to which wallet I want (I do desperately want a new one and I NEED one too.. but then again I NEED at least one of everything that is sold on the site).

I think Te. is going to be BIG and entirely AWESOME, so make sure you buy yourself (or your lovely other person) something nice while you still can.

Now, for something completely different, the very nice lady Penny, with her very cute brand Cinnamon Moon has given us some adorable and affordable bags and coin purses to make shopping fun and anyone who sees them SQUEAL with GLEE. Oh yes! My personal favourite is the drunk rabbit series, which means I am either a big fan of bunnies, wine or more likely both... get yourself one of her one-off goodies NOW!

Other things it's probably been forever since I told you about: way cool Phantom Badges, new Armies, new Necklaces and new design wallets from Gaye Abandon. Yay!

In the words of Mr T, take care of yo'selves, foos.