Friday, May 18, 2007

It's May! Oh God, already? Really?

Well, it's been another too long period between posts (but it's my May resolution to update more! This rainy weather is inspiring. In the meantime however, have you NOTICED how much new stuff George and I have been putting up on Georgie Love?

I haven't the brain power to tell you everything (and if you want to be constantly informed, create an account and join our newsletter!)... Anyway, my top 5 favourite things at the moment (mind you Georgie Love is exactly my tastes, so really, I love everything....)

In no order of preference....

1. Boy and Balloon Brooch from Allira Tee. It's cute, quirky, made of wood and looks fantastic on anything you can put it on! Allira Tee is a super talent, with a range of both sweet and quirky pins for you!

2. Climbing Branch Silver Pendant from Emma Telford. Emma is a very new (and very lovely) friend to Georgie Love and we think her pendants are TO DIE FOR. Delicate, hand-cut silver work, you can't go wrong!

3. Large Picture Pendants from Northey. We have been a BIG fan of Northey for ages (no one else makes stuff similiar to hers!), her work is unique, fun and unusual... all things we love!

4. The new range of hairpins from Sneak! She has updated her whole range and there is new pins, badges and long-sleeved tees. Each one is like a little storybook tale! She's another original.

5. Ladies Love the Beach mini-wallets from Gaye Abandon! They come in 4 different styles from fantastic retro postcards. Gaye's signature creation is her range of brilliantly made (and kooky designed) wallets. Everyone who has one raves over it.

I feel like I am neglecting all of the other children (I mean really, have you seen the adorable brilliance of Made by White? Or the cutest baby button earrings known to man, by Brooke Johnston?)

Till next time! It's lucky it's raining, because it's another weekend of photography for Georgie Love! Come back soon and come back often!


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