Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ok, I have one of the worst headaches known to man (ouch) and painkillers are about to render me a drooling and sleepy idiot, however, finally the CUTEST SCARVES in the world, nay the universe are online. Zooblast is the lovely maker and you should check her stuff out (it's fab).

Second to that, these LAMBY PIE badges make me feel all funny inside with their cute and cheeky ways. I think this is the only accessory I need for winter as I will be wearing them EVERYWHERE. Thank you Allira Tee... you have delighted and possibly ruined me!

I have some new toys and clothes sitting on my dining room table to photograph and set online, but unfortunately my brain has determined that won't be happening today. The wait will be worth it though... these new ones are special (and I will give you an idea with the fact they are called meeowls!)

Ok it's nap time now!