Monday, October 01, 2007

Well... I last posted a month or two ago and the NEW HOUSE congratulations are STILL coming in. Thank you, thank you everyone for your lovely words and wishes.... BUT!!!! After it was all systems go with the house, the building inspection was dreadful and we pulled out. So Georgie Love HQ is still a little shack in Abbotsford. We have a few irons in the fire and will hopefully have happier house news soon!

Apart from all that disappointment, the most BEAUTIFUL PRESENT arrived in the mail today. All Georgie folk know I am enamoured with Julie Ramsden's magnificent crotched creations, BUT LOOK AT THIS! A GEORGIE DOG DOLL! I love it and I think it may star in the next Georgie Love postcard. I LOVE IT! It's a special little thing.

I took a very dodgy photo in the dark without flash, so I can't see the crazy amount of details (even the little collar has a sewn buckle!). I will have to take a better photo in the daylight soon!

Thank you so much Julie!