Saturday, November 10, 2007

First, second or third taste of Spring

SUCH A BEAUTIFUL sunny day today and I got enough of it at breakfast and a lovely trip to the Botanical Gardens Market to give me sunburn on my neck and chest. I THEN spent the rest of the day indoors packing for the forthcoming move (YAY!) and doing the TON of Georgie Love work that awaited me.

THERE IS SO MUCH stuff coming online in the next week (just in time for Christmas), that it's implodingly exciting.

Meanwhile, George himself is bored and annoyed with all the inside work, as he sits by my feet in the studio and waits for me to do something more exciting. Shut up George.


Penny Eager said...

I got sunburn too Sally... we are bad! You need to start stocking hats on georgielove maybe?

Sally said...

I would if someone made them! :-)

Your a little pale thing too, it IS a bad thing!