Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Updates and Horror

In between stuffing boxes for the move (and yes, this really DOES feel like the longest move known to man), I have been putting on Georgie Love possibly the BIGGEST UPDATE KNOWN TO MAN. Seriously, I feel like there is something new on there very day. And when I said I was planning for a really big Christmas, I DID NOT LIE! You can check out some of the new stuff here. There are tees, pendants, bags, purses, cards and a lot more.

Phew. I am so distracted with the site and moving though, that I DID turn up to a wedding on the wrong day. :-( Which I have never done in my life. Adam and I shamefully went to their home the day after (and it was totally my fault - I put it in my diary wrong) with our gift and a sorry expression on our face. Still, we ate lovely wedding cake with them, saw some pics and got to hug and give our best wishes to the couple. I however am filled with shame and horror. Horror!

In the meantime, check out some of the cutest Christmas tags and other cards from lovely Dudley Redhead Tara. She still has more to come online for us! Hooray! (this heals my shame a little bit)


nineteen toes said...

My heart skipped a (few) beats when I saw the word "horror" associated with the adorable Dudley Redhead Christmas tags - as I'm about to feature them in the indie art & design Christmas Gift Guide :) Thankfully, from my point of view, George hasn't eaten/buried/otherwise destroyed all of your stock! I do feel for you over the wedding misfortune... but no doubt your friends have forgiven you. Good luck with the move!

Sally said...

Thank you!

And there is NO horror for Dudley, only delight! :-D