Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Georgie Love!

We are very, very sleepy now, it's most probably nap time. Have a good one! xoxox

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Bringing Foxy Back

I am a fan of foxes and foxy things, so I am delighting in these FOXY badges from Made by White on Georgie Love. I only have 1 in black and 1 in orange at the moment (but chances are, more will follow). Cute!
ok! Well we have been nearly two weeks in the new house and it's lovely! Photos to come (as soon as I have the time to take some!!!) We are mostly unpacked now. Clothes are still in boxes and the Georgie Love office isn't as perfect as I would like (but it's workable) and we are still cleaning things and having to rehang washed curtains, but it is definitely homey, comfortable and on it's way to being all settled!

For any of you moving house, I recommend New Young Pony Club as the soundtrack. Very, very fun, upbeat and you can kind of do a robotic dance in time, while lifting and moving boxes (will demonstrate if requested).

Day-job is super busy as I try (possibly in vain) to have everything sorted before my 3 WEEK HOLIDAY, which starts Friday. Doctor-Mister is already on leave and it's about darn time that I got to join him. This weekend is a break from working, unpacking and sending Georgie Love packages to attend the delightful Meredith Music Festival. Am excited to have a few days camping, listening to some awesome music (I am looking forward to The Gossip and Art Brut the most!) and catching up with my friends with a few drinks.

It's a great festival and should be a fabulous time (and there are cheap tickets still available on ebay!).

Meanwhile, I believe I am doing an excellent job keeping up with the Christmas order rush (although Australia Post ARE doing their best to thwart me with late parcels and the odd breakages!). Will be far more fun when I am not distracted with the day job as well!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gift Vouchers Now Available!

Hoorah! It's finally working as it should! Gift Vouchers are now up and running PROPERLY on Georgie Love! It's been something that never quite worked properly and is now ALL SYSTEMS GO just in time for Christmas.

Also, Doctor-Mister, in case you are wondering what I would like for Christmas, I have decided that it's definitely one of Emma Grace's BEAUTIFUL jewelery pieces. I am not one who really wears much jewelery, but I quite seriously and shamelessly COVET every piece of hers that sells on the site. They are just amazing. The heart pendants are gorgeous and delightful (without being hokey) and can be customised with whatever letters you like (eg: SM 4 GL)!

I probably shouldn't laugh, but these pics of Georgie from moving house day are a little funny. Don't be fooled - he had half the back seat to get comfortable in (the imac box was on the floor), but attempted to look especially pitiful while I was eating a croissant on the run in the front. Your look doesn't fool me George! (gobbles entire croissant to herself like a greedy, greedy thing)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ok... we have moved! Finally! And I am at work (day job) and fading fast. The Zzzzzs are rapidly approaching. I am feeling REALLY sleepy.

(and we are hald unpacked and completely in love with the new house. It is beautiful! Photos and superlatives coming when we are more settled)

Oh and also, if you have sent an email to me or Georgie Love, I may not have received it. From Wednesday last week (and it appears to be fixed now), mails were arriving 3-4 days late and I think some not at all. As such, I am not being rude, just the victim of haywire technology!

More soon, so much to catch up on.