Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday morning, the long Australia Day weekend (and I hope you had a good one!) As the rest of the house and neighbourhood sleeps, I am awake (and have been for hours), sorting through the big boxes of good things I have received from Non-Fiction (check out their super cute tees and cards that are online now!), Dick and Dora, Zooblast and Georgie Love's new friend, Laughing Bird. I have shiny beads and badges EVERYWHERE (mostly because I can't stop touching them, SO SHINY).

Apart from a family lunch today, it's going to be hardcore Georgie uploading and writing today (yesterday afternoon was hardcore packing orders). 2008 is off to an awesome start - lots of georgie-folk have sent me stuff to kick off the new year (check it out, if you haven't had a chance already), however we have some new artists online now and many coming soon...! I am trying to expand the cute range of housie and homeware stuff that we have so stay tuned (and check out adorable office and house delights from the very cute OddsnBlobs!)

It's been an excellent weekend so far, Dr-Mr and I checked out a great local cafe for breakfast, followed by the film Juno. We both loved Juno, with me being the sap I am, cried a fair bit. I am fairly embarrassing to go to the movies with, actually. Would absolutely recommend it - sweet and very funny.

Had a friend over for dinner, a few drinks and we curled up on the couch to enjoy repeat episodes Flight of the Conchords. Which hasn't been on tv over here, but if you come across a DVD of it, check it out because it's very funny. Very, very, very funny.

I had breakfast with a delightful Georgie-customer-turned-great mate, Bec, and her wonderdog, Vance the whippet (who actually, is more spoilt than Georgie, which I previously thought impossible. Apart from my parents dog, who no-joke, gets breakfast in bed - often a poached egg on toast). So the verdict on the weekend so far - tops.

In other news, I had a small slice of chocolate cake (home made, great and easy recipe, very, very rich cake) and coffee for breakfast in a rush... and well.... what a bad idea. The shiny-shiny things are distracting me from the self-inflicted pain in my tummy. Ouch! It's a well verified fact - I. Never. Learn.


Anonymous said...

The pleasure was all mine, Sal my friend. Breakfast was delicious, and the company was better. Vance the Wonderdog thinks you're ace too, even though he is super spoilt! Ciao Ciao - Bec x