Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lovely Liz from Betty Jo has tagged us in her journal to reveal "how does your garden grow". Well, in a very green, but rather overgrown mess on 3/4 acre mostly... but I wandered around at an overcast dusk last night to reveal the following....

We sit here sometimes in this knotted seat/walkway in the evening and laugh at George's antics.

The garden is full of these nooks and crannies - old pathways forgotten, big, shady trees full of nooks and places to hide.

The view from the back garden.

Apparently a big tiger snake lives down by the fern (closer to the dam, farther behind the fern), but we have never encountered her. The fern also marks the end of our property.

There are ferns EVERYWHERE. Some near the house are nearly three stories tall. Very old and beautiful.

We use recycled water in the garden and despite our lack of green thumbs, things still insist on growing and flowering. We have no idea what half the plants are and we are slowly discovering. I think spring will be spectacular!

Some we have planted ourselves, in empty and forgotten flowerbeds.

Apart from garden delights, I have MUCH on the brew at Georgie Love. We've said goodbye to some old friends (a genuine sniff) who have gone on to bigger things and we are in the midst of making some new ones, so definitely STAY TUNED! :-D


Betty Jo said...

GORGE-A-RAMA!(Betty Jo wants to move immediately)