Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We've found these beautiful spot to walk George at nights. It's about a 5-10 minute drive from the house, is completely fenced in and tires Georgie out completely as there is SO much to sniff and snuffle about in. It's at a primary school, or next to a primary school (I am not too sure). Primary Schools are usually gold for George, you know why? Kids are clumsy and drop their playlunch EVERYWHERE! WHAT JOY!

I took some photos today of the walk-adventure.

Georgie arrives alert, on immediate bunny-watch (they are always too quick for him).

Is that a bunny? Nope, I think it's a cow George.... but close.

The beautiful views! It's so delightful! But full of flies and a reluctant Dr-Mr.

Lots of secret pathways! We ALL love those... we need to watch out for the many prickly blackberry bushes.

Can't stop to chat now, too much to see and do!

I mean it, I am serious!

This awesome school has a vegie patch and ducks and chickens (the pic of them was taken through the fence, they don't roam about!)

George, exhausted (he does get 2 walks a day), lets us know when he is ready to go home. So tie-tie (but elated)!