Thursday, February 28, 2008

Georgie is doing fine at the moment - thank you to everyone for the kind words and warm wishes for the ginger canine and I. We're both a little tired, although George can't remember why he is. He just remains slightly confused and underwhelmed. Looking forward to the weekend and just having some time to unwind.

I was going to write about how most people don't know that I am a geeky girl who really likes comic books and then I had this brief flash of insight (which come few and far between) that if your eyes stray to the right of these words ... further right... now look down, it says those very things in my little bio. I am not mysterious at all. Well alright then, here IS a little known fact about me, I am FATALLY allergic to horses. This is true. Horsies are known as KILLERS in my house, with their menacing paddocky ways.

Despite all of that, I used to LOVE horsey and gymkhana stories when I was a wee girl. Flicker and all her ponies. I could have totally been a horsey girl, but alas my attraction, it is lethal.

Ok, my point! I am trying to put together some book recommendations to share. I love reading - it's one of the great loves (but unfortunately not much time to visit) of my life. It's coming at some undetermined point in the future. It's only half down, even though I am cheating by stealing synopsis from Amazon.

Also, it's only a few weeks till Easter, which is crazy news. Dr-Mr is spending 2 weeks in NEW YORK for work related things, I was trying to save to join him, but I really think my little 1994 Mazda is on a sharp decline and any holiday money is better saved as "oh god, the car is about to fall apart and I am now having to contemplate riding my pushbike 50kms to work" emergency fund. I will be spending 4 days with a friend in Brisvegas, which is a close second to 2 weeks in New York... right? Right? *sigh*

Meanwhile, here is my secret shame for today... like Mother Hubbard our cupboard is bare. In our busy days, food seems to be the least of my priorities. I am sure some fabulous treats could be cooked with 2 eggs, 2 potatoes, a bag of home grown beans, dijon mustard and 2 gala apples, I just don't know what they might be. There IS an as yet unopened jar of Meredith Feta, which may be one of my favourite indulgences on the planet. It is AMAZING.

I spent yesterday afternoon looking at recipes and making a shopping list for the weekend. I do try and meal plan and stay organised, but tend to fail miserably. I don't care if I have hommus and carrot sticks for dinner, but Dr-Mr might. He is happy to cook for both of us, but can only really cook when there are... ah ... items to cook with.


Run * Skip * Jump said...

Read Geraldine Brooks "People of the Book"; I have to admit that Dick & Dora is suffering just a little as I have to crawl into bed a little earlier so that I can have a few pages. If you've not read anything else of GB's, its well worth it. Let me know what you think. Dora

Michelle said...

I've tagged you (but you may have already participated?)