Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Georgie Loves Makool

This top is adorable and I am struggling with my own inner shopping demons not to buy it (and the only reason I haven't is that they don't accept paypal, only credit card which is fine for everyone else, but Dr-Mr and I only have one credit card (his) and I only try to use it in EMERGENCIES)

Do you think this is an emergency?

I found Makool through the Indie Love blog, which is fairly tops. Kristen the blog-mistress and I seem to have very similar tastes in handmade delights, which is always fun, but also terribly dangerous since essentially it's a SHOPPING BLOG.

Anyway, exploring the Makool website some more, I found her handmade birdy and whimsy section...

And these creations called "Whimsys", I don't know, but I could find a home in my treasure chest for all of them, but we have also discussed many times in this blog that I am very greedy. I would be happy with just one.

There is a cute blog to check out as well. I have more to write about, but that will come later. I am sure I have some work to do in the meantime... x


Penny said...

i got a pre-approved credit card the other day... joy!!! credit cards are awesome.

i think it's definitely an emergency.

Anisa said...

Hello Lovely Ladies.
I'm so happy you posted about us. It never dawned on us that people sometimes prefer to pay with paypal. I'm going to add it to the site as a check out option. Until then you can always pay by paypal, just send us an email and we'll send you a paypal bill.
Thanks for the post and the insight!

Drewzel said...

Makool Loves You definitely rocks! I was lucky enough to receive a swap parcel of lavender and black goodness from Anisa, and she made me the fabbest little stuffie of one of my dogs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drewzel/510107412/

Oooh, I want the deer whimsy!!