Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok, ok, so I wrote very briefly about this the other day and now I finally reveal to you with great flourish (& I think it's worth it, I have been re-watching these and laughing out loud at my little desk, but maybe it's all context and historical circumstance):


A long, long, LONG time ago, in another lifetime, Georgie-dog was the star of his own game show segment in a live comedy show in Collingwood, Victoria. "What Would Georgie Choose?" was a game in which George had to choose between three items, and the audience tried to guess which one he chose (with fabulous prizes). Simple, right? Fortunately Georgie is a very decisive boy and was up for the challenge.

There were a few different segments, but this would have to be my all time favourite. It's pretty short, but very cute.

The title sequence

Yes, the images of George should be very familiar to you all and that wavery voice is mine. I think it's quite evident why I do not have a career as a singer, but let's move on.

Georgie has many choices to make...

Finally, the decision is made!

It's amazing what my dog will do for treats, he is COMPLETELY food motivated. Dr-Mr and I have bets to see what Georgie will and will not eat (raw potato yes, raw pasta also yes, baby spinach uncooked, no, baby spinach cooked, yes)

Have a very good weekend! The sun should be out in Melbourne, so make sure you get some.


Odds'n'Blobs said...

haha that was so funny! i love the voice overs lol.. kwoshhhhhhhh

Sally said...

"Land!" :-D

Dudley Redhead said...

totally brilliant! love the walking on the moon. So Tropfest for you next year then! Do you doo wop also?

Betty Jo said...

Just as I've always thought, Georgie is next in line for our own version of Inspector Rex.
I have given your blog an award today, I hope you don't mind.
xx Liz