Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey, Hey, Which Way?

Not only is Beck Wheeler a mate of Georgie Love's, we also love her art, her cat Mogwai and her ability to shake it down in Funky Town. She has an exhibition coming up at the wonderful Über Gallery (52 Fitzroy Street St Kilda 3182)from March 4 to 30.

A brief excerpt from the Gallery's Media release (it's very, very long) explains the theme of her exhibition.

Beck Wheeler's 'Hey, Hey, Which Way?' is a labyrinth journey into the afterlife. Based on a board game she used to play with her siblings, Wheeler has entwined fables, the polemic, beliefs, the oddly beautiful and lucid realities of the departed. If dreams were an ocean, then she has paddled across it and collected all the messages in bottles that have drifted between the living and the dead. "Death is like being in the womb. You can hear everyone around you, but they're muffled, they are underwater" says one message from a father to his daughter.

Wheeler's work has a haunting poignancy and comic sadness. Her creations make faux pas, ask the wrong questions and awkwardly hang around for the answer. Struggling with the big questions and life's mundane certainties (for some creatures, it's gravity they grapple with, their saggy green bosoms hanging painfully to the ground), one creature sadly reveals to another "While I was dreaming of death, you were dreaming of dinner". And it's true! You can be cooing a friend back from the brink of despair and the thought "oh yum I can eat those leftovers when I get home" wriggles into your consciousness.

If you are a fan of Beck's work (like we are), make sure you take the time to check it out.