Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hooray for all good things

Dick & Dora not only make deliciously tasty things, lead lady Harriet (in the husband-wife super team), is also one of the sweetest ladies in the land of making. I love the cute bunny brooches they have created, available in brown, red, white and black (I still can't choose between white and brown, again my bunny-purist principles kick in), but it's awesome to see them get some love today at Michi Girl! Hurrah! Congrats lovlies!

Last night I received 3 awesome new bags from a new maker and some super-funky recycled ties for the funky suited men-folk! I am excited (and struggling not to keep one for myself, there is some serious wrestling going on). You will see them after the weekend!

ALSO coming up very soon (as soon as I have time to find and link it all), I will be revealing GEORGIE DOG'S SECRET PAST... he was once the star of a game show... All will be revealed about his way dodgy past soon-soon!

(ps: I'm Sorry and was very moved this morning by the address)