Thursday, February 21, 2008

I love my dog, ok? No shame in that.

Aren't you sick of all the Georgie-dog pictures yet? I am looking for some images to send to a friend for a creative cause, but got a tad distracted....

I have indicated before that I am a crazy-lady who likes to dress her (extraordinarily patient) dog in clothing, but have you really any idea how many times I have done this and photographed it? It's just slightly ridiculous.

I may have a disease or illness of some kind, but look at him, he is a complete ham. There were a ton MORE photos, but for the sake of preserving my reputation of only being slightly off-centre and just a little bit wrong, I decided to hold back for now.

In other news, I am ashamed to tell you that Dr-Mr and I have STILL NOT purchased a Christening present for his 1 y.o. niece and nephew... Time kind of got away from us. We will have to look for something tonight, or Dr-Mr will be looking for something in Albury tomorrow. I WAS supposed to be going, but due to practical and logistical reasons I AM NOT. I am a little pleased, not because I am missing out, but because I will be HOME ALONE, in completely the Macaulay Culkin sense.

Except Macaulay did not have a fat and hungry dog to wake him up and demand feeding. I am a bit of an introvert and don't get much time on my own to recharge my batteries, so I am looking forward to having a few days of secret slovenliness.

To all the lovely folk who commented and emailed me suggestions, thank you and I feel really bad that I didn't follow any up. We've both had a bit of a crazy few weeks (I have a day job as well as Georgie Love and it's been terribly busy for both). I do however have a number of friends about to pop babies out, so I am sure gift ideas are not going to be wasted. but I still feel bad, so a big sorry :-(


Drewzel said...

I can't get enough photos of big dogs (ie. not Tinkerbell types) being well dressed. My two would let you dress them, let alone sit still long enough to let you take a pic!