Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not good

Hmmm... not the greatest day so far. My Georgie-Love dog, George, had a bit of a fit or seizure this morning. Dr-Mr was in the shower and I was in the study and I thought George was nudging me for some attention, but when I turned to pat him, I realised he had fallen into me and was stumbling and falling around the room, unable to walk straight or orientate himself. I got him in a sitting position and held/patted him until it passed. He seemed ok afterwards.

We usually go to the Lost Dogs Home for annual shots and problems (they are cheaper than most vets and the money they make supports the work they do, but at over an hour a way since we moved, was not practical). I could not get an answer from the Vet down the road, so I called one about 15 minutes away and they said bring him straight away, which I did (crying a little).

The vet gave him a thorough check over and all seemed ok. What the vet surmised was that Georgie may have epilepsy. He's of the right age for the symptoms to start appearing, blah, blah, blah... just to watch him closely and bring him in when it happens again.

I love you big guy. You really worried me.

Georgie and I are both a little tired and emotional at home at the moment, such a fright - you always think the worst, right?


Penny said...

Little Georgie! Hope he's okay, he's a keeper.

Run * Skip * Jump said...

o boy, Georgie definitely needs to sleep on the bed tonight. Give him a good old ruff round the ears from us.

Odds'n'Blobs said...

oh my gosh! i hope he is ok!!

I had a big scare with my little puppy only last week, she ate a half block of chocolate which was on my bedside table!! i nearly lost her!! i have never felt so scared and upset for my little Molly!! Your animals are like your children!!

nineteen toes said...

Oh George, I hope you're feeling better now! I'd say you deserve some extra special pampering but I think you receive that on a daily basis...

Michelle said...

Poor Georgie! And poor you worrying about him so!

Hope all is right in Georgie world soon.