Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ok, so inside my head kind of looks like this, I think:

While it's kind of busy, it's still colourful and organised, in it's own way! Taken with the camera phone in dim light, so it's kind of blurry, like me right now - I have been in front of the computer for hours! Here is a sneak peak of what I am currently working on.

Dr-Mr is still away (back tomorrow) and between the two of us, he is the cold fish, but I have had the fire downstairs going since 9:30am! I have gone through so much wood... I had all these plans (shopping, cooking, cleaning) and I DID go shopping, washed George, had some lunch out but then came back to it. The crowds were horrid (although my sandwich was good).

In an effort to save money, I am trying to quit my expensive make-up and cleansers (MAC, Napoleon, Dermalogica) and find good, but equivalent cheapies or home made stuff. For example, did you know that white sugar in a bit of shower gel is one of the best body exfoliants you could use? Anyway, I have heard some really good stuff about Face of Australia, although I am skeptical that a $10 foundation is going to work, but for around $45 in my shopping adventure today, I got a new foundation, face powder, mascara and eyeliner, which is a bargain. I don't think expensive is better by any means, I just don't know what are good alternatives.

Do you have any recommendations?


Michelle said...

Oh no - Faces of Australia foundation is very good! Just make sure you use a sponge if you don't already.

Hope you don't get a cold! I'm just getting over a doozy of a cold - wouldn't wish it on anybody!

And thanks for the address yesterday - I don't live in Melbourne but I do visit semi-regularly!

Georgie Love said...

Canberra has to have some goodies, in the op-shop sense!

Thanks for the FoA tip - I am keen to give them a go, I do use a sponge because it's easier to blend the stick foundation in, which I like more.

Drewzel said...

The other week I bought some Maybelline foundation (on a whim from the supermarket no less) - "superstay silky foundation" - and it's really lovely. As far as cheapie brands go, I also like Rimmel.

pirate-allie said...

Neutrogena facial cleanser (pale blue bottle with white pump) is a great cleanser especially in the shower.

Oil of olay regenerist is an excellent moisturiser/spf/anti-aging (not that you need that now of course but it can't hurt to be prepared) which does just as much as the $60 ones but for about half the price.

check out for a lady who has made it her life's mission to expose all the useless expensive rubbish that most cosmetics companies con us into buying. She has a section on product reviews (and rates the above 2 products very highly - she is also a fan of maybelline). Beware the section where she sells her own stuff (clearly the lady isn't exposing the cosmetics' industry for free).

Georgie Love said...

yes! yes! yes! I have been looking at that over the past week, that AND her line (www.paulaschoice, I have reverted to Cetaphil though (also reviewed well) and I think I will look at her moisturisers when my last tube of Dermalogica runs out. I have thought about Olay (it's interesting how the products are so close in formula 2 SKII - which is over $100 a pop!), but because my skin is sensitive and can be combination, I am fearful of rash and break out.

Thanks for the tip though - I like to hear what people are using.

I also read a lot on (I am a member) for hints and tips.