Monday, February 04, 2008

Ouch, I have a headache today (not enough sleep last night), very annoying, I have resisted the lure of painkillers thus far, but I think I am at my threshold! Ouch!

Anyway, apart from a sore head, I wanted to put out the new things I just uploaded to
Georgie Love...

ADORABLE bunny brooches from the also adorable Dick & Dora. I can't decide between the white and brown and unfortunately, I think I am going to have to buy both, as they are TOO sweet.

A beautiful new range of earrings and pendants from Trove. Lovely stuff!

Well, the weekend is over, it was busy (lots and lots and LOTS of chores), but managed to catch up with a friend for breakfast, get a driving lesson or two in for Dr-Mr (yes, he is learning, we are coping ok!), a cricket match, more pancakes and I made a delicious salmon dinner.

We have also been watching season 1 of the excellent (and kind of deliciously creepy) Carnivale, which we are both loving, however I am now very sad that they only made 2 seasons, which means that it will eventually COME TO AN END. We are only 6 episodes in and I already can't imagine it ending. :-(


2paw said...

Love all the gorgeous things, and Georgie of course. Delicious cake!! Carnivale was bittersweet. I knew it had to end, and it did, but they actually wrote a final episode. It's not what one might have wanted.... It was definitely a wonderful show!!!