Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well, it's Sunday evening again. I didn't upload/photograph ANYTHING for Georgie Love (which is rare) this weekend. I know I have stuff arriving in my postbox this week (yay!) so next weekend will be a big weekend for new things. I have however been spending the past few hours wrapping up orders to send tomorrow, so look out for something sweet in your postbox soon!

It's been a busy weekend (seriously, when aren't they?), but in a really delicious see people, eat good food, buy random and useful things kind of weekend. I caught up with a very old friend of mine I haven't seen in about three years (she was living in London) yesterday, who has possibly the cutest and meanest looking cat I have ever seen.

Ouch, the disdain!

Caught up for breakfast with another friend, the lovely Sarah from Monster Mob, after which we drove around the hills for a while and went to the oddest market either of us has ever encountered. It was in the middle of this reserve in Mount Dandenong, with about 5 odd and disjointed stalls (honey, jewellery, antiques, herbs and felted kitties). Despite the oddness of the stalls, we both came out winners. My score was a perfect condition, 1960s, working ceramic clock. I have been looking for a vintage (and not over priced) clock for our kitchen for AGES. It suits the kitchen perfectly too. If you have noticed any of the house/kitchen photos in the blog, everything we own tends to be second-hand bought, 1960/70s. Viva la recycling revolution!

I am SO pleased, while Dr-Mr was non-plussed. Still, he can't complain since I nearly bought a replica kitty clock with the moving eyes and tail, which he thought was hideous, but quite seriously, how is this NOT COMPLETELY FABULOUS? . I think I even like it over the dog clock, which you know is going to be a rare day indeed.

I bore every visitor to the house by making them sit in the kitchen with a cup of tea and watch the birds (Bec - you will be exempt, due to phobia!). Sometimes, usually around dusk and I am doing the dishes, I have counted up to 12 parrots sitting in the ferns surrounding the kitchen watching me. Silently. Like brightly coloured, small stalkers. It would be unnerving, if they weren't so CUTE. We have these teeny tiny wee finches that come to visit, they are TINY with bright red heads. I don't know what else to call them but Weasley-birds. Any ideas? I will try and get a photo

Hope you have a good nights sleep and an awesome week!