Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Make My Day

Ok, I am a little late with this, as our friend Betty-Jo tagged Georgie Love in the "You Make My Day Award" a few days ago (which was delightful and surprising, thank you!) and I haven't made my own awards yet. The guidelines are as follows

1. write a post with links to 5 blogs that make my day.
2. I acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've been chosen by commenting on their blogs
4. display the award with a link to the blog (optional).

Ok, I was all uncertainy about the image of the award, so my google image search request for "cute puppy flower love" (see, I am way creative), lead me to this most fine image to award to all my many loves. PUPPY FLOWER.

This was so hard, so I had a think about it for a few days. See, I visit Georgie-artist blogs regularly and enjoy them all for different reasons. I love personal blogs, with photos of their life, creativity and adventures. Well, all of them do that and I can't name them all, that's just LAME and PREDICTABLE, so I tried to think about it a bit more. (oh and ps: I am a person who overthinks EVERYTHING). So this is the kind of easy road out. Call me a cheat if you like, or uninspired! Wah.

I had an online journal for about 8 years, but deleted it recently for a clean slate. Blogs (in my head), were the domain of geeks talking about technological things. I kind of think they were the first kind of blogs that existed, but now have been completely subverted by the CRAFT REVOLUTION. Seriously, these days it's almost illegal to be crafty and blogless.

Handmade Life
was the first Australian Craft Blog that I discovered. Local Melbourne gals, their writing stuff. Having met them on the odd occasion too, they are lovely, creatively inspiring and really generous with their time and knowledge. 2 years down the track, I am still reading - for their similar love for retro kitsch items, info on local exhibitions and interesting things going on around the cittah.

Prefur is a funny pet blog, run by another 2 Australian ladies, Miss D and Miss T. It's funny, practical, chock-full of animal pictures (my weakness), plus tips and hints on pet ownership. I love that it's homegrown and reviews fabulous stuff that I can access and buy locally. I found them after they found Georgie Love and thus my love affair began.

Postsecret. It's a big blog and I am not sure if I am cheating, you probably know it already, but one of my favourites and I have been enjoying it for years. The idea is so simple, people write / draw / create their secrets on a card and post it in anonymously. It's often funny and more often touching. It seems people everywhere often feel the same thing on the inside. I think it's kind of a special place to go and visit sometimes.

PiedPiper is one of my closest friends and I imagine her as a dirty cowgirl drinking straight whiskey in a bar somewhere. She is an extraordinarily talented writer (sometimes professional), fellow lover of kitsch and devotee of animals. Plus I am pretty sure the NSFW title was written about her.