Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am so COLD! I am really longing for this... it's cute, quirky and oh so WARM looking... but $80... Should I? Could I? Actually, I have super-dooper sensitive skin and mohair may be a bit full-on, but anyway, I love it.

That is my tempting self-restraint non-purchase today, as is THIS adorable tile.

Ok, so 10 days later I AM BACK in BLOGLAND! It's been lovely to read about everyone's Easter breaks and chocolatey adventures.

Brisbane was a fantastic break, I was super lazy and all I did was swim (weather wasn't great, so that was just a once off), eat, play board games, read trashy magazines and a trashy crime novel my friend had lying around. It was good to get away from home, otherwise my so-called "relaxing time" gets thwarted when I see the Mini-Georges being created in hair piles in each corner...

Dr-Mr is still somewhere else, lost in New York (NO, NOT JEALOUS AT ALL AHEM!). His mobile is only working intermittently and so I haven't heard from him for a day or two and now I am starting to feel SULKY. But ok... Georgie meanwhile is moping around and is SUPER CLINGY. When I got back from Brisbane, he moved off his comfortable sleeping mat (he has 4 in the house, is that ridiculous?) to sleep on the floor next to the bed and I was feeling all touched at how LOYAL he was and how HAPPY he was to have me home and how much he must LOVE me, when I realised it was stormy and he was frightened and seeing me as a massive shelter. Pish-tosh to you George.

Back to Georgie Love, I spent Tuesday before going back to the day job updating lots of goodies on the site - wonderful new things from the delicious Trove...

How beautiful are her pieces? The lovely Brooke was super kind and gave us a ring from her collection in the most PERFECT SHADE OF GREEN (same paper and colour as this pendant - super tempted to make them match!). I have not stopped wearing it - thank you lady!

Some of the new pieces have already disappeared since Tuesday, so obviously others are as excited to have new stock of hers on the site as I am!

I CANNOT keep Frankie & Ray's wonderful neckwarmer scarves in stock for very long at all! I put 6 online on Tuesday evening and two are already winging it to their new homes! They are the softest merino wool, look adorable on and of course do a brilliant job of keeping your neck snug. I have one (obviously) in green and am tempted to get a lovely blue one for the 2008 Winter.

I have some really gorgeous and quirky bags from By Alison Rose on the site, but she has added these sweet and simple brooches to her range. I don't care that Easter is over, Bunnies are an ANYTIME treat.

Ok, of course there are still many delicious things to come (I challenge you, when is there not?!)... all in good time!

Happy post-Easter detox to you all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I AM MELTING. Or maybe, it's just my face, but GOOD LORDY is it hot in here. I just sat in my car for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. It's HOT HOT HOT out there. But thankfully, there is rain tomorrow night, which is good ebcause I haven't been watering and everything in the garden looks angry or wilty. Sorry little growing guys. I always feel guilty when I see things so thirsty for a drink, because I tend to want to give them one.

Had lots of house guests over the weekend, with BBQs and drinks and banana paddle pops and frosty fruits for dessert (if you make sure good wine is available, no one seems to mind when you serve ice confectionery for afters). Even though we have air con, it was so hot last night I barely slept and feel all zombified today...

In between all my (ahem) fabulous cooking and entertaining, I spent a bit of time on Georgie Love. We now have a BRAND NEW SECTION, which contains goodies for babies and little people. There is more to come, but check out the tiny goodness in the meantime.

Also! New vintage fabric badge sets from Mistress of the Upper Fifth. I have always loved these sets and have my eye on a few too....!

Hope you are keeping safe from the heet and are less attacked by the yawns than I am. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZz

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ridiculous Things I Have Done This Week

It's Friday and I can only express my joy in this occasion with what I like to call my HAPPY TEXT DANCE: "8**#^^@&%%$)@)@__@)!(@)(!)@($*(#*$%&&$^*HHJKH&*^%*&^@NMCNMDF"!!!!


As indicated, I spent the first half of the week running around in my CRANKY PANTS, but I have bucked up for the weekend. I have realised this though: I have done some stupid or ridiculous things this week.

1. Spending $40 on a 3.5 kilo bag of dog food. Ok, it's much discussed that a) I love my dog and b) I am trying to save money. But here is another thing: don't go shopping late on a Thursday night while you are a) tired b) scratch that no, really, really tired, c) full of sushi d) ok, to be honest, full of sushi, miso and white wine.

I feed George a mix of fresh bones, rice, some kibble in between and the like. I have been recently buying him the top grade stuff that the supermarket sells (ahem), but alas it is making him smell. So I went to the pet store and took a bag of science diet to the counter ($27 for 3 kilos) when the 14 year old sales assistant overwhelmed me with her hard sell for this supposedly AMAZING dog food that is so good, it's of human grade quality. She then offered me some to eat. Which, even in my altered state, I turned down. But her enthusiasm was infectious and I walked out with a $40 bag.

It's called EVO "The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition" (cough), by the reviews on the internet, it's pretty awesome and I now have the expectation that George will be a STREAMLINED WONDER DOG. 5 kilos lighter and 20 IQ points smarter. He seemed to take to it, we will see how we go, I am sure I can find it on the internet cheaper...

There is hope for you and good health yet George. You still have a few bad habits to kick though. (note: Neither Dr-Mr nor I are smokers... we are not sure who is supplying him with the nicotine fixes)

2. (Lordy this is already getting long) Somehow, I have become an Avon lady. Again, in my quest to try and save money (car and holiday fund), I have been reading and asking around for people's tips on skin and make-up routines. Have found some winners and some really good recommendation for Avon. No one can scoff at $1 deodorant and mascara. I am not a brand snob, was happy and eager to check out a catalogue, I looked at the website and there is nothing on there so I called up and asked for them to get the local person to drop a catalogue by. There "apparently" was no local person, so they said they would send me a few catalogues and I could send in an order for myself and family, friends if I wanted. Sure, I was more curious than anything else about quality and prices, so please send me the books.

THEN this morning, the postman delivered a HUGE box of books, samples and all this information on "CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING AN AVON REPRESENTATIVE". What? Ding-Dong, when did THIS HAPPEN AND WHAT HAVE I AGREED TO?!!! !!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! I even found out in browsing the stuff that there is a seller in the next neighbourhood (6kms away), so why couldn't she get in her car and drive to my house and leave a book in my letterbox?!

So weird, I feel... all taken advantage of. And there is Reese Witherspoon over everything (as the Avon Global Ambassador, I am qualified to tell you), and I actually really like Reese, she is appealing and now I feel all SECRETLY SUCKED IN.

The thing is, everyone woman I know scoffs at Avon and I have told a few people this story so far this morning and I all have them have said "ahahahahahhaha.... AVON LADY! That's so funny.... hey, uh... Sal, could I have a little look through one of the catalogues, if you have one on you?"

Sure, here is it is....

More mis-adventures coming soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ok, OK! I will admit it... I am a MAD SHOPPER. Or window shopper... I would also MUCH RATHER X 1356090654967 MILLION shop online than in stores. Because I don't like crowds or queues. Plus I like to shop around and find the best prices. I have bought the oddest things online, Dr-Mr is always perplexed about what turns up in the PO Box.

Like these 1960s Japanese squirrel salt and pepper shakers.

Anyway, this morning I discovered the GirlProps website. Now, I am not a lady of fancy jewellery and expensive things, I love the quirky badges and pendants (well, yes obviously, you can totally see my tastes on Georgie Love) Anyway, GirlProps has a million very, very cute and junky kind of jewellery to play with (that won't worry you too much if it breaks or you lose it).

I have too many things to play with as is, but how cute is this tape measure belt, for the crafty lady?

Ok, so it's 38 degrees in Melbourne today and have I ever told you that in my day job OUR OFFICES ARE NOT AIRCONDITIONED. !!!!!!! I have portable units in the 2 offices next to me, so the doors are open and they are spewing cool-ish air out to me, but I dread the afternoon in the GIANT BLACK MONOLITH that is this building.

However, in lovely news, Michigirl has again picked something from GeorgieLove to spread joy to the local fashionistas, which is fairly AWESOME.

They have been very kind to GL and have taken a fancy to Made by White, but their stuff is adorable, so who wouldn't?

I am selling out of stuff left/write/center at the moment, so I will be gently nudging everyone for more stock soon.

Apart from all that, I am now heading back into my CRANKY CAVE. I am so tired this week that I am fairly intolerable to be around. Too many late nights, my own fault! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I am however excited about having a wee break over Easter. I am heading North... ah... to the sun?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even though it's Tuesday, I am struck down with a SEVERE case of Mondayitis. And I WAS at work yesterday (being a public holiday in Melbourne, Universities often don't get the holidays because it disrupts the teaching schedule). So yes, it's regretfully Tuesday, kind of grey and I am feeling VERY sleepy. Very.

I am cheering myself looking at pictures of this very adorable Hawaiian Chicken. Which I would like to buy very much, but in looking at it, I kind of have to go hmmm... the shipping is half the cost of the Chicken, plus Dr-Mr and I DO want to have a proper holiday later this year (which I need to save for), so maybe Sally, there will be no Hawaiian Chicken for you.

Look at it's wee little flower hat!

Anyway, I hope you are cheerier, wherever you are!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pure Geniousity

Through the "wonders" of Facebook (and I resisted Facebook for so long, joined and still wish I resisted... it's just... I don't know, it's well established that I love technology, but I find it a little unnerving that EVERYONE I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE could contact me, there are people who are in MY PAST for a REASON, you know?), ANYWAY, through Facebook, I discovered SATCHEL BAGS, (also on Myspace) which I think are fairly awesome and I am already in the midst of ordering one. Because a girl can't have too many bags, especially a girl who has been cranky for 3 days, but that's another story, which eventually concludes with Dr-Mr and I cleaning the house at 10:00 pm last night.

So, these Satchel bags, they attach to the belt loops in your jeans or other pants, or some skirts even. LOVE this idea (as someone with an ample chesticular area and straps are just a nuisance that the devil came up with in his spare time)

They have really cute and quirky designs, come in a sling or money belt style and I have no doubt you will be seeing them in the street and at festivals (again, GENIUS) very soon.

Speaking of festivals, it's Golden Plains this weekend. I am a regular attendee at Meredith in December and although the line-up is in several shades of awesome, actually I am pleased I will be hiding at home (plus, I have to work on Monday). However, if you have been thinking about going, I have spied many tickets on sale at ebay, some below cost... (I went to Meredith last year this way and paid half price for my ticket)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ms Michelle, wondercrafter tagged Georgie Love in the seven random/weird things about yourself meme challenge.

The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

I always think about these, that's why it's SO WORDY. I looked at Betty Jo's brilliant one or two sentence responses and I felt ashamed at my verboseness.

1. I was supposed to be a twin, but was not. I didn't find this out from my parents until I was about 20, which seems significant and insignificant all at once. I had seen psychic ladies previously who told me I was a twin (me: you're rubbish, no I am not), and because it's something I largely grew up not knowing, when you find out, it's kind of... well... "oh". It does make me a little sad, only because I have an older sister that I am not close to at all and never have been, so it would have been nice and less lonely to have another sibling to play with. That being said, if you speak to anyone I have ever had a relationship with, they will tell you one of me is enough. More than enough infact. Too much possibly.

2. I am scared of the dark and I cannot watch horror films. I am a rational and reasonable adult (mostly), but in the dark, I imagine monsters and things under the bed that will grab my hands or feet if they slip out under the covers. If I have accidentally watched something scary (not often), I have on occasion made Dr-Mr get out of bed and accompany me to the bathroom for night time visits. I think this stems from 2 events - once when I was a wee child, I got lost in a sleeping bag and have vivid memories of screaming and crying and could not make my way out (till my dad picked the bag up and shook me out easily). The second and more significantly, because I was "a bugger of a child" (i.e. very naughty and into everything), my parents used to lock me in my bedroom at night time. I couldn't open the door or reach the light to turn it on and if they had guests or the tv on, I wouldn't be rescued for quite a while.

3. A year ago, I was working at the Coroner's Office. One portion of my job was removing photos of death scenes before the media and families viewed the Coroner's files. I have seen more dead bodies in every which way than I can even possibly tell you. I used to come home and tell Dr-Mr "I saw a dead body today", until that phrase became redundant. It was an incredibly rewarding job, very strange, but I was working 60+ hours a week PLUS doing Georgie Love, had a not-fantastic boss and overall it was not a great time in my life. It was very tough on the relationship, but fortunately Dr-Mr is a keeper and was very patient with me in those times - I was hardly available, emotionally or physically. I work at a University now, have very regular hours, a wonderful boss and see Dr-Mr more than he cares to! :-)

4. I am extraordinarily clumsy. Unnaturally so, I have no physical prowess at all. For example, as I was typing, I just tried to brush my fringe to one side and poked myself in the eye. I drop everything, trip over all the time, bump into stuff and generally wear more food than eat. I always have weird bruises and scars from injuring myself in weird and unusual ways. Once, I tore the muscle from my bone in my hip while I was ASLEEP.

5. I have 7 tattoos. People are usually very surprised to find this out - apparently I don't look the "type", although I have a small and visible spiral on my wrist (to symbolise change and evolution and the constant moving forward). The spiral is kind of small and discreet, but that's hardly it. I have plans for more, much to my mother's extreme dismay. It's an art form I definitely love, I don't think there is a stigma attached to it that I have experienced, not these days anyway and I think there is a lot of beautiful artwork worn out there.

6. This is very dull, but it's a little known fact... but... I am OBSESSED with bed sheets. Fortunately, I have an insider supplier and I can get the 800 thread Egyptian Cotton for wholesale prices. I think we have about 4 or 5 different quilt covers (although we only use 2 or 3 regularly) and maybe the same in sheet sets. I think the perfect set of sheets can change your life for the better in the same way that the perfect shoes, the perfect lipstick and the perfect cake recipe can. I don't know where my secret love comes from, but I already have more sheets than one person needs in a life time, I buy 2 or 3 sets a YEAR.

7. I always thought I was going to be a social worker and originally studied that at Uni. And now too many years later, I still don't know what I want to be. Georgie Love is growing and growing and growing and it will be wonderful when it can sustain itself, but in the meantime? I wish I had thought about things more when I was 18!

Ok, so now I tag Pocket Carnival, Odds n Blobs, Dudley Redhead, Dick & Dora and hmmm... Julie Knoblock.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh wait, am I WonderWoman? Why YES, actually I AM!

Today I have:
1. Uploaded new items on Georgie Love
2. Packed the Georgie Love orders that arrived today, for delivery tomorrow (4)
3. Fixed Dr-Mr's computer, removed all spyware, installed new virusware, optimised for performance
4. Walked George
5. Bought the weekly foody supplies from the local independent supermarket
6. Given Dr-Mr 2 x 1 hour driving lesson
7. Cooked 3 meals for tonight, Monday and Tuesday

I have to admit, number 7 is a little bit of a cheat... Dr-Mr and I heard about on the radio "4 ingredients" (a whole cookbook of recipes that have 4 ingredients or less). To tell you the truth - it may change our life. It's the same song, we are so incredibly time poor, but this could be the answer. Tonight is Thai Pumpkin Soup for dinner (with ciabatta from the local and brilliant bakery). It has: pumpkin, coconut milk (I used a lite version), red curry paste and coriander. Delicious!

Yes. I am very tired now. Goodnight!