Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even though it's Tuesday, I am struck down with a SEVERE case of Mondayitis. And I WAS at work yesterday (being a public holiday in Melbourne, Universities often don't get the holidays because it disrupts the teaching schedule). So yes, it's regretfully Tuesday, kind of grey and I am feeling VERY sleepy. Very.

I am cheering myself looking at pictures of this very adorable Hawaiian Chicken. Which I would like to buy very much, but in looking at it, I kind of have to go hmmm... the shipping is half the cost of the Chicken, plus Dr-Mr and I DO want to have a proper holiday later this year (which I need to save for), so maybe Sally, there will be no Hawaiian Chicken for you.

Look at it's wee little flower hat!

Anyway, I hope you are cheerier, wherever you are!