Monday, March 17, 2008

I AM MELTING. Or maybe, it's just my face, but GOOD LORDY is it hot in here. I just sat in my car for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. It's HOT HOT HOT out there. But thankfully, there is rain tomorrow night, which is good ebcause I haven't been watering and everything in the garden looks angry or wilty. Sorry little growing guys. I always feel guilty when I see things so thirsty for a drink, because I tend to want to give them one.

Had lots of house guests over the weekend, with BBQs and drinks and banana paddle pops and frosty fruits for dessert (if you make sure good wine is available, no one seems to mind when you serve ice confectionery for afters). Even though we have air con, it was so hot last night I barely slept and feel all zombified today...

In between all my (ahem) fabulous cooking and entertaining, I spent a bit of time on Georgie Love. We now have a BRAND NEW SECTION, which contains goodies for babies and little people. There is more to come, but check out the tiny goodness in the meantime.

Also! New vintage fabric badge sets from Mistress of the Upper Fifth. I have always loved these sets and have my eye on a few too....!

Hope you are keeping safe from the heet and are less attacked by the yawns than I am. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZz