Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am so COLD! I am really longing for this... it's cute, quirky and oh so WARM looking... but $80... Should I? Could I? Actually, I have super-dooper sensitive skin and mohair may be a bit full-on, but anyway, I love it.

That is my tempting self-restraint non-purchase today, as is THIS adorable tile.


mariannealice said...

I'm loving the shoulder warmer as well...have the same reservations as you about mohair though! Don't think I could resist that tile for long either...good luck! ( Silly me only just clicked that you have a blog here I am enjoying my look around. Great to see a glamourous!

veronica darling said...

You've just reminded me to pack my mohair batwing jumper for my Melbourne working week!

I think for $80 it'll be ok, but I think you could find one cheaper! They're not that hard to knit (says a hopeless knitter) so I'm sure if you keep looking, you'll find a cheaper option!

See ya!