Monday, March 03, 2008

Ms Michelle, wondercrafter tagged Georgie Love in the seven random/weird things about yourself meme challenge.

The Rules:
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I always think about these, that's why it's SO WORDY. I looked at Betty Jo's brilliant one or two sentence responses and I felt ashamed at my verboseness.

1. I was supposed to be a twin, but was not. I didn't find this out from my parents until I was about 20, which seems significant and insignificant all at once. I had seen psychic ladies previously who told me I was a twin (me: you're rubbish, no I am not), and because it's something I largely grew up not knowing, when you find out, it's kind of... well... "oh". It does make me a little sad, only because I have an older sister that I am not close to at all and never have been, so it would have been nice and less lonely to have another sibling to play with. That being said, if you speak to anyone I have ever had a relationship with, they will tell you one of me is enough. More than enough infact. Too much possibly.

2. I am scared of the dark and I cannot watch horror films. I am a rational and reasonable adult (mostly), but in the dark, I imagine monsters and things under the bed that will grab my hands or feet if they slip out under the covers. If I have accidentally watched something scary (not often), I have on occasion made Dr-Mr get out of bed and accompany me to the bathroom for night time visits. I think this stems from 2 events - once when I was a wee child, I got lost in a sleeping bag and have vivid memories of screaming and crying and could not make my way out (till my dad picked the bag up and shook me out easily). The second and more significantly, because I was "a bugger of a child" (i.e. very naughty and into everything), my parents used to lock me in my bedroom at night time. I couldn't open the door or reach the light to turn it on and if they had guests or the tv on, I wouldn't be rescued for quite a while.

3. A year ago, I was working at the Coroner's Office. One portion of my job was removing photos of death scenes before the media and families viewed the Coroner's files. I have seen more dead bodies in every which way than I can even possibly tell you. I used to come home and tell Dr-Mr "I saw a dead body today", until that phrase became redundant. It was an incredibly rewarding job, very strange, but I was working 60+ hours a week PLUS doing Georgie Love, had a not-fantastic boss and overall it was not a great time in my life. It was very tough on the relationship, but fortunately Dr-Mr is a keeper and was very patient with me in those times - I was hardly available, emotionally or physically. I work at a University now, have very regular hours, a wonderful boss and see Dr-Mr more than he cares to! :-)

4. I am extraordinarily clumsy. Unnaturally so, I have no physical prowess at all. For example, as I was typing, I just tried to brush my fringe to one side and poked myself in the eye. I drop everything, trip over all the time, bump into stuff and generally wear more food than eat. I always have weird bruises and scars from injuring myself in weird and unusual ways. Once, I tore the muscle from my bone in my hip while I was ASLEEP.

5. I have 7 tattoos. People are usually very surprised to find this out - apparently I don't look the "type", although I have a small and visible spiral on my wrist (to symbolise change and evolution and the constant moving forward). The spiral is kind of small and discreet, but that's hardly it. I have plans for more, much to my mother's extreme dismay. It's an art form I definitely love, I don't think there is a stigma attached to it that I have experienced, not these days anyway and I think there is a lot of beautiful artwork worn out there.

6. This is very dull, but it's a little known fact... but... I am OBSESSED with bed sheets. Fortunately, I have an insider supplier and I can get the 800 thread Egyptian Cotton for wholesale prices. I think we have about 4 or 5 different quilt covers (although we only use 2 or 3 regularly) and maybe the same in sheet sets. I think the perfect set of sheets can change your life for the better in the same way that the perfect shoes, the perfect lipstick and the perfect cake recipe can. I don't know where my secret love comes from, but I already have more sheets than one person needs in a life time, I buy 2 or 3 sets a YEAR.

7. I always thought I was going to be a social worker and originally studied that at Uni. And now too many years later, I still don't know what I want to be. Georgie Love is growing and growing and growing and it will be wonderful when it can sustain itself, but in the meantime? I wish I had thought about things more when I was 18!

Ok, so now I tag Pocket Carnival, Odds n Blobs, Dudley Redhead, Dick & Dora and hmmm... Julie Knoblock.


Michelle said...

Thank you for supplying your seven things! You don't have to worry about being wordy - I enjoyed all the stories.

And I had to LOL at the 'wondercrafter' reference!

Penny said...

nooo, don't tag me. maybe i will do it this time.

i was quite surprised when i saw your tattoo the first time.

Betty Jo said...

Your "novel" made my brief 7 things seem very slack. Re no.7....It took me nearly 20 years to figure out what I wanted to do... and now I'm doing it.So give yourself another 10 years of self discovery!