Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh wait, am I WonderWoman? Why YES, actually I AM!

Today I have:
1. Uploaded new items on Georgie Love
2. Packed the Georgie Love orders that arrived today, for delivery tomorrow (4)
3. Fixed Dr-Mr's computer, removed all spyware, installed new virusware, optimised for performance
4. Walked George
5. Bought the weekly foody supplies from the local independent supermarket
6. Given Dr-Mr 2 x 1 hour driving lesson
7. Cooked 3 meals for tonight, Monday and Tuesday

I have to admit, number 7 is a little bit of a cheat... Dr-Mr and I heard about on the radio "4 ingredients" (a whole cookbook of recipes that have 4 ingredients or less). To tell you the truth - it may change our life. It's the same song, we are so incredibly time poor, but this could be the answer. Tonight is Thai Pumpkin Soup for dinner (with ciabatta from the local and brilliant bakery). It has: pumpkin, coconut milk (I used a lite version), red curry paste and coriander. Delicious!

Yes. I am very tired now. Goodnight!


Penny said...

One of my old housemates had a 4 ingredient cookbook - it was all good except he only ever cooked pasta e olio (something like that) which is pasta, oil, garlic & parsley. very oily and pasta-y and garlicky breath.