Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ok, OK! I will admit it... I am a MAD SHOPPER. Or window shopper... I would also MUCH RATHER X 1356090654967 MILLION shop online than in stores. Because I don't like crowds or queues. Plus I like to shop around and find the best prices. I have bought the oddest things online, Dr-Mr is always perplexed about what turns up in the PO Box.

Like these 1960s Japanese squirrel salt and pepper shakers.

Anyway, this morning I discovered the GirlProps website. Now, I am not a lady of fancy jewellery and expensive things, I love the quirky badges and pendants (well, yes obviously, you can totally see my tastes on Georgie Love) Anyway, GirlProps has a million very, very cute and junky kind of jewellery to play with (that won't worry you too much if it breaks or you lose it).

I have too many things to play with as is, but how cute is this tape measure belt, for the crafty lady?


juan martinez said...

nice blog!!

i relly like this post

if you want to see my art


Michelle said...

OMG - do those squirrels have SKIS?? Awesome!

Georgie Love said...


Betty Jo said...

A kitschy squirrel fancier after my own heart!
But, does the belt display to the world your waist measurement? Hope not!